I feel like a queen

I think I was born for royalty. I am living in a hotel past few days with no fixed agenda. I have nothing planned and absolutely no responsibilities. I have a television which has discovery channel and comedy nights with kapil. Though I am busy discovering Bangalore so have not spent more than an hour with the tv.

Staying in a hotel room has a lot of advantages. I don’t have to cook, clean or anything. The housekeeping not only does the dusting but even comes and makes the bed. What else is left? I have all the time to think, read, write and wander.

A very tiny part of me is getting homesick. I occasionally worry about my plants and miss the simple dal khichdi but now I understand the true importance of taking a break like this. No worries. Hope we are all able to live like this for sometime šŸ˜‰

one more reason that contributed in making me feel like a queen is dove Soap. I had participated in dove contest and got 2 dove bars and I packed it for my trip to bengaluru. The fact that dove works in hard water is just awesome. Thanks doveĀ Ā http://www.dove.in/en/Products/Bar-Body-Wash/Bar/Cream-Beauty-Bathing-Bar.aspx

2 thoughts on “I feel like a queen

  1. Living in a hotel whether on a biz trip or holiday is always a treat b’cos one enjoy the hotel stay doing nothing except eating, seeing TV, Etc and all the work is being done by the housekeeping, room service,resturant,etc.

    One get lots of time to do other work for which purpose one has travelled out of town and specifically stayed in the hotel.

    In course of busy schedules, breaks are always welcome.

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