Can I stay without my phone for 7 days?

My ring tone for receiving messages on whatsapp is a temple bell. My family often teases me that not only do I travel with a personal temple with me but I receive more strikes than the popular Siddhivinayak temple. I visited a spiritual event some time back and I was told that I will not get much time to use the phone at the place I was going. I had mixed reactions like your baby walking for the first time in his life, walks right over your freshly made, time consuming rangoli. Could I stay 7 days without my phone?

I am a graphologist. I stay in touch with my clients via mails or whatsapp now. Through one of my package, they get a facility to avail my counselling for 6 months where they not only ask me questions but also keep informing me about their daily achievements and realization and sometimes failures too. So you can imagine how much I have to be Online. Besides this, a little volunteer work that I do compels me to schedule about 10 people a day twice a week. Trust me, Though my hubby doesn’t realize that my whole previous day to the line up goes in scheduling, confirming, adjusting and the works, I get bugged when he asks “So, what did you do today?”

I worried, could my clients stay without me for 7 days? Honestly, I really didn’t care much. I wanted a break! The question I didn’t ask myself at that time was that – Could I?

Here is what happened.

Day 1  – We traveled by train, It started around 10 pm. Since most of my clients send me their messages at night and we were in Mumbai at that time, it went well.

Day 2 – Spent the day in train. The receptivity was very bad and so was my mood. My husband tried to cheer me but slightly in vain. Major stations had some network and I grabbed my phone. By evening I think the weaning process had started. I felt nice actually, I enjoyed the humm of the train and a certain sense of peace.

Day 3 – We reached at the event early morning. Many clients send me updates at the end of their day, which is around 9 or 10 pm.  So, when we finally had good reception, the messaged started pouring in and I had around over 400 whatsapp messages in some 150 odd conversations. I had over 100 mails. I noticed a feeling of annoyance in myself. I got busy with the activities and at 11 am, decided to miss a small event and reply to the messages. One of my new found friends told me the gist later and I felt that I had missed something great. I decided to keep my phone away and concentrate where I was. It went beautifully for the rest of the day. I replied to the important messages and kept my status messages as “Switching off for 5 days” and activated a vacation response.

Day 4 – Peace and bliss at start. By night, when I was reflecting at the daily activities, I realized the importance of my phone. There were times that I wanted to write some important things. I wanted my phone. Actually, What I really want is the because its bigger and better than my phone. I have realized that I need something to record my thoughts on. I also realized that one of the speakers used a word that I didn’t understand. If only I had dictionary with me or a smarter phone.

Day 5 – This was our last day. There was no charging point easily available. At least my phone was reaching moksha even if I wasn’t. Something with a better battery life would be good.

Day 6 – In train again. Kept my phone on air plane mode most of the time. I reflected at the need of some technological device with us always. Soon after marriage, I had realized that I needed something that would help me with the recipes for a novice cook. For a writer, ideas don’t tell me and come, they just come and I always am glad to carry my phone so I can note. I also stay in touch with my friends and family and can send them updates through it. I realized that I didn’t need to stay without my phone. I just have to prioritize my life better. I need to use will power to stay away from constant checking and limit it to every 2 hours or so. Though I am not very regular with FB like I was, I remain updated of the writing contests and friends.

Day 7 – We reached home in the evening and I completed the replies I had to and switched of the wifi for the night. I hope my clients are reading this and I hope they will understand the need for silence and peace. I reply to everyone, just at my time now.

Now, my phone and laptop see me regularly but with time intervals. Life is better and quieter. The schedules still take a lot of my time mostly but it is less annoying as i check my phone every 2 or 3 hours unless there is a call.

4 thoughts on “Can I stay without my phone for 7 days?

  1. There is always a moment when realises that the phone is consuming you rather than you consuming it..
    since that moment, I have turned all Social media alerts (fb/twitter/pinterest) whatsapp alerts, all ringers after 11pm..
    now a days, I can live without phone for days…
    clients, business, work.. all happened before the mobile days.. and so it would now..

    good luck

  2. Yes one can stay without phone for several days. But it depends upon what type of work one is involved in where you can do without phone. In my case where I have to be always in touch with my clients it is rather difficult to be without phone for more than few hours or at night when I go to sleep b’cos ours is a sort of service organisation and you have to be always available to your clients via phone or e-mail. I quite agree with vishals comments that we were doing everything before the mobile age without phone and can do even now also. Best of luck to you for your right decision to be without phone for several days.

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