How will be the next ravan?

Hi Dear Reader,

Though I am blogging after a long time, I have been writing stories and poems and submitting it to various anthologies and magazines. Thankfully and luckily enough, the time has not been a complete waste, as few have been published, you can check them out here.

In my free time, I am also watching epics. I have just finished Ramayana and now in process of watching Mahabharata. I find that most movie twists are copied from these epics.

Coming to the reason that compelled me to blog, When I compare ravan  of Ramayana to the vilians of Mahabharata. ..I find it hard to find just one villain. Each villain, may it be shakuni, or duryodhan or so many..each is 10 times more viscous and cunning than ravan.

Having said this, and considering the cycle of yugs, it gives me shivers to think about the next villian. How evil will that person be? When I was thinking about this, I wondered if 1 person will be able to contain so much evil. I am afraid not. I think the next evil will be and already is spreading in all of us. Can you imagine the consequences? can you feel it too? Do you know what will need to be done to remove the evil?