Ganpati bappa more ya

Everyone’s favourite God is come. Celebrations are visible through the loud drums that pierce through shut windows. There is fun, tasty modaks, and beautiful pandals everywhere.

There is a beautiful article by Devdutt Patnaik who explains the story behind bappa very clearly. The name of the article “decoding ganesha” is apt.

But, is it all true? When I sat and observed the puja in my uncles house… many thoughts crossed my mind. Is the story really true or does it have a similar history like our constellations. For those who do not know, it seems elders would look at the then, clear and cloudless sky,  and form shapes of bears, crabs etc and make stories. I find it all very fascinating. Sadly we remember the story and forget the moral or learning which was its intended purpose.


The shape of Bappa can be seen in many things… flowers, leaves… am sure you have seen it all…but what does it really resemble?

He is the lord of wisdom. He is the proverbial gate keeper. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe real but our brain too looks like him. Maybe he is guiding our mind. So.. methinks the moral of the whole story is to pray for our wisdom. It is hard to stop negative thoughts. It is upto our gatekeeper to protect us from evil and negative thoughts.



I am a little late in writing and I know that all the sthapna puja is done.. if you want, u can still pray for him to not just come in your home etc but come in your brain and protect your mind.

This is why there is hope… this is why you shouldn’t give up.

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I feel very very delighted to see such videos. In midst of the honey singhs and sunny leones, when I see such videos, I feel hope.

I cook dinner approximately at the same time every evening. I see so many cars go back home with loud music. I don’t know any of them properly but the words I hear makes me wonder and fear about the next generation. Thankfully yesterday I heard someone in the car play “daraare daraare maathe pe maula, maramat mukadar ki kardo maula..mere maula” and I felt so goood. There is still hope.

There are times when I feel so disgusted with the world and…. If there are rapes and molestations happening, there are such videos too.

When I see such videos, I feel like doing more for the world. I feel like there are people who have not given up and neither should I.

There is a Rabindranath Tagore quote with which I would like to end my thoughts. It tells me that there is still hope and I will not give up.

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of humanity.”


I have grown…

It has been 2 years since I have gotten wet in the rain willingly and enjoyingly. I realized it yesterday as I walked towards a cultural event at IIT cribbing and feeling grumpy about getting wet. I saw college kids walking in the rain with a smile. It has been raining heavily since so many days and I missed the sun and its shine.

There was a time when I smiled everytime it rained, now I scolded my husband for walking on drainage water. When did I become this I don’t know.

Maybe I have matured, maybe become responsible or just become sensible… I don’t know.. more so, I am not sure that I like it.

Just observing nd wondering what will come next.