I got published at Tamarind Rice again!

Hello dear ones.. I have been published at Tamarind rice again. Here is the story.


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The pic might not be clear, Here is the actual story.

~ The waste of it all ~

The mail train zoomed past some station with a loud horn. His thoughts, faster than the speed of the train made him frustrated. There was a misunderstanding in his factory and the workers had gone on strike. There was an order to be sent and if they didn’t start now, they wouldn’t finish it. He kept getting updates from his manager and each call was worse than the other.

“This was definitely because of Raghvan, his rival” he thought and his anger grew with each passing moment. The inefficient air conditioning of the 2 tier compartment didn’t help him cool down either

“The workers have left the premises” told his manger from the factory.

“Damm!” He hit the blue seat of the train with a soft thud. Not happy with the sound, he hit the back partition which co-joined two compartments. The sound was loud enough for him and gave him pleasure.

He looked out the window. Trying to make some sense out of all this. What was he to do on reaching the factory. How would he solve everything? Who would…

Someone from the other side of the the compartment hit the partition.

His thoughts stopped. Someone had taken away his pleasure. He felt angry and hit the partition again. Though he felt peace in the sound, it lasted for a few seconds only. “Bang” hit someone from the other side again.

He grew furious. Why was this happening now? Who could do this to him. He hit the partition, louder and fiercely. His hand, red with pain.

Bang came the reply from the other side with the same intensity. Was this one of his rival’s strategy to irritate him. Had Raghvan sent some one? He looked at his hand. The palm grew crimson and begged for some healing. He looked at his phone, thoughts of the manager and workers pierced his mind and… Bang Bang he hit the partition in frustration twice.

Bang Bang came the reply.

Unable to bear this intrusion any longer, He decided to go confront this person.


“Will you sit down, Why don’t you tell him something?”

“Beta, If you fall down, it might hurt you and it will be difficult to get help. Why don’t you sit down and play with your monkey.”

The 4 year old sat down, took his favorite soft toy and played with it.

Someone banged the compartment partition. He decided to reply. He hit the monkey to the partition. It made a nice loud sound. Someone on the other end banged back. The kid enjoyed and awaited each bang with eagerness and joy.

The couple was glad that his son had found some playmate to keep him busy. Even if it meant that they were to hear some banging, they were at peace. They sat closer to each other and looked out the window until a man came in their compartment from the other side, holding his left hand with the other, his face almost red with anger, staring at them and then at the kid and then at his soft toy with an expression of anger, surprise and frustration.


~The end.. or a new beginning of realization~

How to count your blessings?

I am sure that you have heard the phrase “count your blessings” innumerable times. We hear it in speeches, read it in great thoughts, see it in pictures with lovely backgrounds on facebook and also in some good movies. It is surely uplifting to watch others do it but when it comes to applying it, I am as clueless as you are.

Here is what I have understood so far.

What does count your blessings really mean? it means to concentrate on the good part when some part of your life is a mess.

What stops us all from doing this? We are busy focusing on the some small aspects that are wrong and this takes away most of our time.


So what do we do? If we were to zoom out and look at the big picture, we could realize how silly we are.  No?

Is this why we are not able to love our self? Maybe..maybe this is the reason behind all that is wrong in the world.

What causes us to focus on our negative aspects. Comparison I think.


So, what do we do?
Compare a little more is the answer that I came up with.
Only thing is that we need to compare ourselves with people who have less than us.

Is comparing yourself to someone really bad?

Like they say that zeher hi zeher ko maarta hai..similarly, if our peace is disturbed by comparisons, will comparison not bring it back.
And maybe, once we actually realize this
..will we not realize the flaw in comparing and give it all up? Just thinking!

When was the last time you noticed your footwear?

My hubby and I were in a spiritual gathering for few days. He lost his slippers there. The roads there have crystal stones instead of cement. Obviously, it is very difficult to walk barefoot.

Just to share his pain, I decided to walk with him without my sandals. My husband comes from a village and says that his feet have walked on stones before and it is ok.. I on the other end, walked at a speed that could be ridiculed by snails sadly. I did walk barefoot for sometime but gave up. I am no Gandhari 😦

Coming to my point of writing this post, I realized the importance of wearing footwear. If I hadn’t walked barefoot, I would have never realized the amount of pressure and pain that our footwear must be going through.

Maybe it isn’t a very amazing realization but it surely makes you feel so much love and respect for your footwear. Just sharing. Have you had to walk barefoot ever?