U R my sunshine, my only sunshine. U mke me happy. Pls don’t take my sunshine away.

When I had started using my new smartphone, I used to wonder why it had a weather app. When I was in Mumbai, the weather rarely changed and was pretty predictable compared to how it is in the USA at least. In Mumbai, in winter it was mostly cold and in summer it was definitely definitely hot. In USA, the winter can have rain, cold days with or without snow and obviously snowstorms and surprisingly also few warm sunny days… beautiful, pleasant and the reason I am writing this post but I will come to it in a minute.

It was really fun for the first month or so but I removed the application from my phone once I realized that there wasnt much change in the weather. There was just no thrill in knowing that it was 32ºC today and it would be 33 tomorrow. I have installed it again after coming here. 🙂 I had to!! It can rain one day and have a warm Sun the next. The weather here is unpredictable but the meteorological department really does a very good job. MAY HE BLESS THEM. This brings me to a realizations which is off topic so bear with me. I feel that we in India copy so many things without realizing why. I need to wear jeans here because of the cold. I know for sure that I am not going to wear jeans in India in the summer. I find that I can’t eat as much as I want when I wear jeans but it is so cold here that it really is a need and so are so many other things that are blindly copied in india. Coffee or drinking something warm becomes a necessity here because of the weather but… I don’t want to offend coffee or tea lovers but I wonder if we need these warm drinks back home. Just wondering. We could get into an argument of need in respect of mental vs physical so I … I know my mom will read this and this is a hint to reduce the amount of tea she consumes.

Anyway, coming to the much awaited point, there are few warm sunny days in winter here. Last time when the temperature increased till 15ºc, my husband and I went for a walk leaving our jackets and sweaters behind to get some sun on our skin. It was an amazing walk. Words can’t describe the joy the simple 1130 am walk gave us.


I know that a good picture is one that doesn’t need any explaination by the photographer but this pic is clicked by yours truly and I still have a long way to go to be excellent. Anyway, there are these really pretty red colored fruits on this wild plant. It looked so cheerful against tge brown and the green. The red seemed to beckon us from far and we had to click it.


Mother nature provided for some wonderful background music through the birds while we walked. We found that there were many birds that graced the tree. It was lovely but honestly, I can’t find the birds now myself. Anyway, the picture still reminds me of the sweet music.

While we were taking the walk, we saw many people who had come out for a walk. It was surprising to see that we were not the only ones out trying to soak in the sun. People were making the most of what was offered. That is when it hit me, life too has some happy and sad days.. if we soak in the happiness on the happy days, we might be better equipped for the less happy days. And our life is just as unpredictable as the weather.. it is important to have spontaneity in life as sunshine doesn’t last for long. The sun was gone at 2pm. We were so grateful to Him that we could go out to enjoy the sun.

That’s all for now. I don’t have much to add  but I hope that you get my point and enjoy life with all its weathers.

Wishing you such warm and happy days in the new year.

The law of karma

Have you ever felt that you are doing good but only bad keeps coming your way? You crib and cry and end up praying but nothing seems to change…. And sometimes for some of you … you might drown out the inner voice because even if you are doing something wrong, only good stuff is happening. We all wonder if it really is karma or kismat. I have somehow always believed and accepted in the theory of karma without questioning it. Recently I heard someone cry because she didn’t score well and thought that she is followed by some ill luck and feels that nothing good ever happens to her.

I wondered if it was her karma and If it was, I was not sure how it worked until now. I was washing the dishes and it hit me.download

We have a tap which gives us cold water when we use the right handle and lovely and much needed hot water when we use the left handle.

There are times when I turn the handle for hot but cold cold cold water chills my hand and sometimes it works the other way round too. This is because of the water that is in the pipeline. Even if the handle for cold water is turned off noe, it could have been on in the past which causes …. Right? Maybe this is how karma is too…we have to pay for our past even if we are doing the good now. And mind you, if you are doing something wrong and think that it is ok, you need to watch out for what’s in line next. Because it isn’t possible to get cold water for long if you have turned the handle for hot water…. it might take time to heat, but surely like the sun is coming from the east, you will get what you have worked for.

I think that I have finally understood the law of karma…..because of the tap. Happy washing dishes to you 😉 and merry Christmas too. May you find answers to all your questions in your life.

I know a little more about patience. I trust life now. 🙂

Top 5 irrational fears of people who travel by mail trains

Following are my top 5 fears when I travel by a mail train

1 you may end up pulling the chain by mistake or when asleep and wouldn’t know what to do next.


2 even if the halt is for 15 mins… you fear that the train may start before time (ya, right!) and you may be left behind.

3 people going for a small distance may capture your seat and … well it is a justified fear.


4 there will be no soap in the toilet.

5 your spouse who has gone down to buy samosas may not get back on the train on time.

These are my fears. Let me know if they match yours or if you have new ones to share