Poem published in women’s era

Dearest readers,

I am delighted to share this poem with you, it was published in the January (first) issue of women’s era. I finally got a glimpse of it.


if you find it difficult to read the text, here is the poem. Enjoy!

~I fell in love~

You are not what I had wanted for my story.
I was supposed to move away in a year,
and you would be history.
but that is not how things turned out I fear.

You eat my plants, you destroy their roots.
You make it impossible for me to do any gardening.
Worst of all, you come in the balcony to throw away the artificial flowers and boots.
What do you have against me? I will never be knowing.

People say that you are nice, People find you cute,
I have nothing against you only that you destroyed my plants and still do.
But I have never liked you, I know that and I can’t be mute.
Others are amazed that you live so close but they don’t know you as I do

I saw you today morning, Looking at me, Scared of me.
But looking at me with your eyes full of wonder.
I felt that such is your nature, you are care-free.
You don’t do cause with intention the blunder.

Before I knew it, I fell in love with you.
Now, there is no way out quick
I have no control and don’t know what to do,
you bushy little prick.

But please, Please spare my plants.



Lets come together and write about compassion, said Ms Spence,
I took it up, told you I would and kept you in suspense.
I decided to write my personal thoughts on compassion
Hope they make you think and you make it into an action.
I try not to yell at my sister when she does something wrong
Or talk back to my aunt when she still scolds me for long
My dad forgets to close the tap sometimes,
I listen to my mom complain about it and all his other crimes

I don’t get bothered over the angry drivers,
the long checkout lines or rude neighbours
Or over the baby who cries in the flight,
I go try to pacify it so her mom knows that its alright

I try to help my husband when he gets late for work
and also tolerate his antics and all other quirks.
I share my smile with all and pray for the people on the road
I sometimes help friends take down their load.

Here is how I try to practice compassion, everywhere I go
I try to be patient with every sister and bro.
Care and tenderness is all it will take
Imagine what a beautiful world it will make.

It would be a lie to tell you that in anger I don’t shout
or crib or cry or even pout
I understand that these are parts of me that need healing
but I don’t let it get in the way of  compassionate, me being

It is not always easy, and a saint I am not
I have learnt from my mistakes and thankful to the teachers who have taught.
I try to remember the most important person of all
Yours truly needs a little compassion too, she is a human who is still learning after every fall.

Though love is what everything boils down in the end
Try it, its not difficult, my friend.
Don’t give up when times look bad again
We are all learning together, share your experience to help me strengthen



I shifted to Willimantic at the end of fall,
The fire on the trees had me in enthral.

The yellow leaves dazzled in the sun as I drove in the car,
The elegant houses seemed to bask in the glow and beckon me from far.

The cold weather for an Indian was a little too much
Until I saw the real cold and its frigid touch.

The history of the town built by threads is interesting
The story with the frogs is very intriguing.

I find the people open, loving and so helpful
It is a nice place to live as it is beautiful.

I am still new here and have much to see.
I look forward to the street fest and a part of it be.

The town has it all,  museum and theatre
With so much to do, the days have gone in blur.


This poem is for an upcoming series of poems by Silver Birch Press. The theme is to talk about where we live. I was thinking about writing about my experience here since a long time and, I got my chance. Please share your views on it. I hope it gets published 🙂

On the spirit of Valentine’s day…

I was on FB (that’s where I  get to know about everything going on in the world) and heard about 1000 speak for compassion.
It is a wonderful project. The aim is to flood the internet with thoughts of compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement, care for the environment etc. It happens to be UN day of social justice and yours truly is going to be a part of it.


I am going to write on compassion. I am not going to find the dictionary and tell you the difference between love and compassion or kindness. Honestly, even if I did, it wouldn’t make you be one. It would rather make sense to share what the word means to me and I am going to try to see what needs to be changed in my life to be more compassionate.

On the spirit of valentines day, lets celebrate love as it is supposed to be (I can be an idealist, sometimes). Think about what it means to you and what you need to change to be more compassionate. Fel free to share with me. I need to listen to as much gyaan as I give out.

Watch out for the post coming on 20th Feb.

If you are a blogger and have something to share, the link and guidelines are available below.

Details about the project

Facebook page

How it all started

Benefits of shifting houses.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have shifted too many times for my liking. Recently, one of my good friend’s told me that he is shifting to Bangalore. It has brought back some very, very very fond memories.

House shifting.

Our recent shift to US has been the most … (I am trying to think of the most positive word) educating (I want to say fun but it only now that I can laugh about it) Don’t get me wrong, I like it here most of the times but I miss India dearly.I love the people here in US and I know that I am here to learn many things like discipline and respect and many othier things but I miss India, not India as such but I miss the junk food of Mumbai, the options I had in travelling and the sun and also my family. Sadly, the order I have mentioned is correct, because I do get to speak to my family every day and I know that it is not the same but I miss the food and sun more than I miss anything else. I am going off topic here but I have to mention that it was such a thrill to talk about the Indian restaurants and get nostalgic about the food with people we didn’t really know until five minutes back.

Would I trade the experience here and go back to India, NO!!! You could think of me … well as a moody woman who wants everything. who knows everything but still doesn’t stop her wishful thinking. Something like this wise perspective here.

So anyway, coming to the reason of me writing, I have shifted many times but I have learnt a very important thing too. Army families and many other families who have shifted frequently too might understand this. You learn to stay in the moment. You get to leave behind a lot of stuff that you think is necessary but ends up being sold for half a price when you leave it to storage with your mom. I am trying to convince my emotions that it is a good thing. Actually, it really is. When we (my husband and I) packed to shift to USA, we were really amazed to see our life fit in 6 bags. It actually isn’t so, we did buy a lot of stuff after coming here but it is really incredible. There is no unnecessary stuff in the house. Humans are hoarders. People who shift around a lot, can’t afford to be one. 🙂

Can we stay without junk in our life without shifting – You will have to tell me that.

This post is for https://housing.com/.

Questions don’t change

There are many people who boast of not having the tv box in their house.

Funny story- my husband received a call from a very aggressive salesman here in the US “do you have a tv connection”
Why not?
I don’t want it.
Oh. There must be some reason.
I really don’t want one.
The salesman cut the call without saying anything.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t watch movies. I sometimes spend my leisure time on FB or/and also on youtube watching the stuff that I miss on tv. Internet has many good things and bad things like everything else in life. Tv or Internet…I have realized that the question remains the same. What do we take from a given option. Personally, I am thankful to FB and internet. I am part of this wonderful project in movie thanks to Fb (Click here). Most of my writing has got published because of the options shown by FB. I wish everyone could see the wonderful opportunities that can be grabbed by this medium and avail of them rather than abuse them. I can’t imagine a life without FB, I wouldnt know how to promote Art with sunayna if it wasn’t for FB. So, for me, FB or anything on the internet is like a resource, it is upto me to use it. Pray that I do so. Thank you.

tv vs computer

The post feels incomplete but I don’t have much to add. Have a happy sunday 🙂 hope you utilize your time well.