Benefits of shifting houses.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have shifted too many times for my liking. Recently, one of my good friend’s told me that he is shifting to Bangalore. It has brought back some very, very very fond memories.

House shifting.

Our recent shift to US has been the most … (I am trying to think of the most positive word) educating (I want to say fun but it only now that I can laugh about it) Don’t get me wrong, I like it here most of the times but I miss India dearly.I love the people here in US and I know that I am here to learn many things like discipline and respect and many othier things but I miss India, not India as such but I miss the junk food of Mumbai, the options I had in travelling and the sun and also my family. Sadly, the order I have mentioned is correct, because I do get to speak to my family every day and I know that it is not the same but I miss the food and sun more than I miss anything else. I am going off topic here but I have to mention that it was such a thrill to talk about the Indian restaurants and get nostalgic about the food with people we didn’t really know until five minutes back.

Would I trade the experience here and go back to India, NO!!! You could think of me … well as a moody woman who wants everything. who knows everything but still doesn’t stop her wishful thinking. Something like this wise perspective here.

So anyway, coming to the reason of me writing, I have shifted many times but I have learnt a very important thing too. Army families and many other families who have shifted frequently too might understand this. You learn to stay in the moment. You get to leave behind a lot of stuff that you think is necessary but ends up being sold for half a price when you leave it to storage with your mom. I am trying to convince my emotions that it is a good thing. Actually, it really is. When we (my husband and I) packed to shift to USA, we were really amazed to see our life fit in 6 bags. It actually isn’t so, we did buy a lot of stuff after coming here but it is really incredible. There is no unnecessary stuff in the house. Humans are hoarders. People who shift around a lot, can’t afford to be one. 🙂

Can we stay without junk in our life without shifting – You will have to tell me that.

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