Poem published in women’s era

Dearest readers,

I am delighted to share this poem with you, it was published in the January (first) issue of women’s era. I finally got a glimpse of it.


if you find it difficult to read the text, here is the poem. Enjoy!

~I fell in love~

You are not what I had wanted for my story.
I was supposed to move away in a year,
and you would be history.
but that is not how things turned out I fear.

You eat my plants, you destroy their roots.
You make it impossible for me to do any gardening.
Worst of all, you come in the balcony to throw away the artificial flowers and boots.
What do you have against me? I will never be knowing.

People say that you are nice, People find you cute,
I have nothing against you only that you destroyed my plants and still do.
But I have never liked you, I know that and I can’t be mute.
Others are amazed that you live so close but they don’t know you as I do

I saw you today morning, Looking at me, Scared of me.
But looking at me with your eyes full of wonder.
I felt that such is your nature, you are care-free.
You don’t do cause with intention the blunder.

Before I knew it, I fell in love with you.
Now, there is no way out quick
I have no control and don’t know what to do,
you bushy little prick.

But please, Please spare my plants.

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