I like trees :)

I was coming back home today and was telling my friends how much I like this white glow on the trees. Spring is going to come anytime now and though I am looking forward to the greenery and the warm weather, I am going to miss this lovely highlight as much as I miss the colors of the fall. Infact, When the leaves were gone after the fall, I used to look at the dead branches and feel slightly sad. It seems mother nature applies some sort of balm by this lovely white snow.


That is when I realized that I had loved the trees here when it was fall and I was in awe to see the yellows and the oranges simply glow in the sunlight. Sadly, I didn’t click a single picture and have used this one from google.

What I have also realized is that I think trees are the more prettiest things on earth. I can’t tell you how much I like looking at them and the kind of energy I get from them. I don’t know if you feel the same or not but there is something magical about trees, no?

I wonder how God must be feeling

I wonder how God must be feeling after seeing the Mauka ads. We, His children divided his planet into countries, we drew the partitions, we made cricket and now we are fighting over it!

Please don’t tell me to take it in the spirit of the game, cricket is supposed to be a gentleman’s game, this is not the spirit of the game. It is just not funny. I felt dejected seeing the mauka ads. What are we spreading, promoting and teaching? I felt so good after seeing this ad.

On one hand, we say we want peace with Pakistan and that we are all brothers and sister but on the other hand we are each looking forward to the match and hoping they lose? Why? Because they are Pakistan? Have you guys seen the Shoaib Akhtar and Harbhajan Singh episode of Kapil sharma? According to what I understand, both teams ate together. They are actually friends and we are jumping up and down in front of the TV like monkeys. This is not my personal experience so I guess I can’t say much but I can tell you one thing, Here, in America, we have few Bangladeshi’s as are very close friends. They are helping us the most. I have not met Pakistanis here but the bangladeshi’s are the most respect giving and lovely people and it is really sad that instead of being united as one, we are …

Do you really believe in the Law of karma?

I often hear people complain about what is not right in their life. They tell me that someone did something terribly wrong to them. They quickly add that they are spiritual people and will not do anything about it as they believe in law of karma and karma will take care of them. Sadly, I have heard the same statement from the same person about the same person and on the same topic. One question-if we really believe that karma will take care of them or the eminent uparwala will, then why are we not at peace. Maybe this question is for another blog post.

The point is that I find it difficult when people tell me that karma will do something about it. I feel like telling them something but I don’t because my threshold to pain is very little and honestly, I really don’t want to be beaten up 😉 Sometimes, people tempt me by asking me what they should do and ask me to confirm their judgement. I end up saying that karma does exist and does take care of everything but I don’t tell them what I really think about karma and what could also be the reason why things are happening to all of us. Not just the people who speak to me but you, me, everybody.



I am writing it here, hoping they don’t read my blog and if they do, well I am in USA and they are in India… It will be very costly for them to come and hit me. Jokes apart, I hope all of you get my actual message which is that if you did someone did something wrong to you and that you are waiting for karma to take care of it, Is it not possible that you might have done something wrong to them in some previous life or maybe, I am saying maybe in this life too and .. this is the result.

I will let you all absorb this for a minute.

So, what have I understood so far,

  • Accept everything happening in your life – If my husband and family wouldn’t read my blog, I would tell you that I do this but… It is not easy but we are all learning, right?
  • Don’t let karma take revenge for you – Instead, try not to make new thoughts about it. Try to forget it. It is easier if you accept it first. 🙂 I write all my feelings down and it helps me. Maybe it will help you too.

I think that is it, I will add more if I can think of anything.

Love and Peace,