Dear Readers, Thank You

My dearest reader,

Thank you for reading and connecting. As a child, I used to write my journal but I never thought that I would publish anything till I was in college. I started a blog on another site in 2003 this blog in 2007 and if you read the oldest posts, you will realize that most of those were a way to vent out my anger or crib about my day or just whine. (In a way it is nice to know that I have evolved) but the point I am coming at it is that thank you for reading, it is because of You that I have the following good news to share. All this is because of You and has been published in the last few weeks. I thought it is best to share them together and not clutter your inbox with individual mails.

An interview of me was published in a site called Artily. This is definitely because and for all of you. Please do read it –

Another short story “How they kept their love alive” was published in a monthly Ezine – “

This is the best news of today and the reason I am feeling so grateful. I met a bus driver while coming back home one day and the conversation we had about India made me want to share it with everyone in India, I decided to send it to The Hindu and I got up today with over 25 mails in my inbox. People have read and commented. Thank you so much, please find the link here  –

My first international publication. What makes it so rewarding is that I had to rework on it thrice. It has made me appreciate the quality standard of the publication house and It also feels so good to know that they are willing to work with you and are ensuring that only the best from you is published. So nice is the feeling when the hard work finally pays off. Enjoy. Thank you for your ever flowing love and blessings.

I am overwhelmed with thanks. I will be reaching 15000 hits soon and Thank you for your comments. As insecure and attention seeking as it sounds, I like seeing the likes and the comments and that it what keeps me going. It makes me feel valued and appreciated. Thank you for it all. 😀 I hope to keep sharing and connecting.

PS – I hope I have been able to convey my gratefulness and the love and the thanks I am feeling for all of you and my dearest husband and family and few closest friends (who are coerced to read and give feedback) in words. I also want to thank the journals, ezines and all the people who have taken risks and publish me.