I love this Feedjit

Just when I am so bugged with nothing getting published and not many people reading this blog, I came across Feedjit and now I am sooooo pleased to see readers from so many places who come to read the blog. Feedjit is a widget that tells me of the location of the last 10 people who have come on the blog. I know that I need to work on this attitude of attention needing but it is really a morale booster to see this and I am loving it!

A BIG welcome to all of you. I am very very happy to see you here.

Have you come to the page to see yourself as a visitor?

Map of Life.

I was coming back with a 8 yr old kid from NJ. It is a loooong ride and though the kid slept through some of it and we adults had enough to talk about, there came a time when she needed to do something. We had picked up the map from our last stop-over and we just started looking at the map. We knew that we were on I95, so it was fun to look for the road signs and figure out where we were… and what was the most fun of all.. to figure out where we were going and passing the signs. We had sooo much fun.  It is fun to know! Wish life too could be like that 🙂

kid with map

Strange… but possible

My hubby was driving at around 75 mph and realized that the steering wheel was shivering a little. After we reached the place, a friend happened to ask us how the car is and my husband mentioned the steering wheel. The friend informed that this is normal for cars that have been in an accident. My husband knew about the accident and added it to his list of things to tell the mechanic.

What surprised me is that the car remembers too. I understand that this could be a mechanical twitch that could be corrected but I think that the car is scared and knows that it could be dangerous over a certain speed and hence shivers. Strange… but possible, NO?

I finally understand!

I was thinking of the film “Don” “Gunday” “Ek Villian” “Godfather” “Maleficent” or for that matter “Once upon a time in Mumbai” and the other films which tell us about the other side. The side of the gangsters and how they got into it the business. It is always a sad story or a story that somehow and in some way makes you accept them.


Not just that, we actually sympathized for them when they lost their loved one or when they were being chased by the police or when they themselves died. What does this tell you? I realised that the minute you know someone’s story from their side, you do understand them, their reasoning and feel sympathy for them.The proverbial walking in their shoes surely works.

This helps me understand 2 things.

  1. Accept everyone for everything. Have trust, they truly must have a reason. (I personally need to work on this a lot. 😦 but now I understand and keep me in your prayers and I think I will.)
  2. and if there is communication amongst people, then probably relations would be better. More than that, if there is love, I guess everything is solved if there is love but Communication is what I think could help in understanding the other person.

I know a close someone is feeling hatred and a lot of negativity for the other family members. I feel sad. I feel worried. Sometimes I think that we really live in the best of times but when I think too deeply, I really feel scared for my future and of my coming generations.

Anyway, something to think over the weekend. I hope this helps you understand a little better.

PS- I am sure there are many books and films that must have the bad guy as the central character, these are the latest that came to my mind. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling 😀

The dark side of the moon

Just something I heard and I don’t know if you are aware of it. I found it super interesting and it has sown a seed into my mind somewhere. I don’t know what will come out and when but here is the fact.

source -playbuzz.com

source -playbuzz.com

Science says that there is a part of the moon that is never visible to earth. When the earth is rotating and the moon is rotating and revolving, there is a part of the moon that is not visible to the earth because of synchronisation. Wiki will give you better details than I just did but isn’t it amazing? I didn’t know this and had never thought about it.

Does this start some creative process in you? What could be there? Who would you send there 😛

This is what happens when you get a poet angry



I know that I am not the one who really writes the poem
I feel something compels me to write
I can’t move my fingers faster than it wants
Yet I write!

Someone told me that I would be a better graphologist than a poet
I didn’t know what to say
I don’t write stories or poetries to please anyone
I simply write.

The types and styles of poem don’t affect me
Meters and rhymes won’t break my spirit
Without worry for fame or fortune

A strange sort of guilt

We are normally told to leave the things we can’t handle on God. Or, when something happens that isn’t in your plan or as expected, we say that maybe this is how God wants it.

I am starting to believe that life surely is destined in many ways so it is

He who really is in-charge, but when things go wrong and I feel a strange sort of guilt. as if telling me that it got wrong because it was your fault and not that God wanted it this way.

I was thinking on these lines and wondering if you would have anything to say on it.

Is it that he is really in charge and we only think that we are in charge and like The Oracle tells Neo – We didn’t come here to make the choice, We’ve already made it We’re here to try to understand *why* we made it.