Shaken faith

I am just so bugged about things now. The following post is a vent. I tell you about my happy moments and achievements but here I am telling u a problem. If you thibk u can handle it, read on.

My husband is almost always late. He is a prof and does tend to get lost in his work. In the initial days of our marriage, I used to feel that I should be his priority. With maturity, now I know that I am but like any other passionate worker, he wants to finish a task. I know he understands the importance of leaving office on time and has an alarm to help him. Still, sometimes he is late.

Yesterday He was late again. Almost by an hour. I decided to not get upset or call him as he might be driving. Instead, as Dr. Wayne Dyer suggests, I sent him love and light and continued reading. I was slightly anxious but decided to not make a big deal. I saw the car pull over and got up to make the  salad. As I was almost done with the avocado, he came in the kitchen and handed me a warning. I asked him what it was. He took me to the window and showed me the bumper which was non existent. I asked him if he was ok. He said that he was but he will not drive. He told me the rest of it…and well I am bugged. I sent him love and light. My first exp of trying to be mature and this is what happens? I Am just so annoyed. It makes me wonder if my worrying would have prevented the accident. He says that I sent the love and light after the accident but I don’t like that logic. My faith is really just …. shaken. I don’t know what to think. Any suggestions?

A must watch

I am so happy to share that I have seen a movie from my heart after a long time. Though it is slightly clichéd and pretty predictable towards the end but it is really a sweet movie which shows the power of faith and surrender.

If you haven’t seen it already, please do.

I have been a Aamir fan since QSQT but I have started liking Salman’s Films since Jai Ho. I don’t know how he is as a person really and how true the cases are, his recent movies are worth watching and inspirational.

Acceptance can be fun

I am still learning but I have realized that acceptance leads to peace and not just peace, with time, as my faith and surrender in the divine increases (thanks to Heartfulness meditation), I see the acceptance can be fun. Once you accept the situation and realize that there are not many things that you could possibly do but He could, it is relieving to turn over the situation to Him and tell Him that you got me here and now you help me out. It is really fun to see how situation can work out once you detach yourself and patiently wait and watch. I hope you can do it and please pray that I too can do it in situations big and small.

A is the first letter of the alphabet and the start of many many good things. Acceptance is the first thing to be done in many situations.

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Goldfish astound me with their human behaviour.

We have had the fishes for a few days now and they are already teaching me things. I didn’t realise how human they can be.

My husband got the fishes from Petco. He told me that they weren’t very keen on leaving their home and come to ours. They created quite a challenge for the employee to catch them. I found that slightly saddening to know but he told me this after I had fallen for the beauties. Here is the funny thing, I feed them daily and I find it heartbreaking to know that they are scared of me (Petco reassures me that it is normal for them to be slightly cautious at first). They go into hiding as they see my hand near the fish tank. They don’t run away when they see my face near them but they surely go into hiding when they see my hand. When I was sitting and watching them finish off the food, I realised that they were probably scared that I would change their residence again or …. Something of this sort. I can only guess. Isn’t it astounding. I think they are comfortable now and don’t want to change houses again.

I finally understand – Pt 2

I have finally got my much much awaited desire filled. My hubby got me a fish tank for my bday. As per instructions, we were to fill the tank and wait for the temperature of the water to be at room temp. Hence, we put in the stones, decorations and filled it at night and decided to put the fish the next day.

At night, It looked so pretty that I couldn’t help looking at the stillness and the beauty of it all. In the morning, the little drops had settled on the plants and made it prettier than it was. I have kept the fish tank on my computer table. All I have to do is lift my head from the screen and there is the beauty.


(Can you see the small drops of water on the plants and the gravel. They almost sparkle.)

It is evening now. My hubby is about to bring the fish and NOW, I finally understand why God made living beings (Oh, humor me!) The earth is so pretty and how could he let it be still. He had to make life so it could enjoy the creation he had made.

Look how prettier it gets when the fish have come.


We have 2 fishes now. The bigger one is called Hope and the smaller one is called Faith. Please send your blessings for them to enjoy their stay here with us for a loooooong time.

On turning 30.

I have been a rebel, pretty much all my life. I have heard my personal drummer and chosen to dance or not as per my liking. I have made compromises to maintain peace and out of respect but doing things before I turn 30 is one of the most idiotic things I have heard. It is just a number. Life doesn’t really change on becoming 30. In my mind, I know I am a kid and though I feel myself maturing, I think I am somewhere in my early teens. Though different people make me feel different in a certain way and I act a different age with different people I am not going to let a number define my life and I don’t think you should do that to yourself.

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I know that there are a lot of people who are turning 30 this year or the coming and there must be some who already have turned 30 and I just hope you think of it as something as it really is, just a silly number and live your life the way you actually were. I do hope you get a good birthday celebration though but please don’t let the number upset you… at all.