Shaken faith

I am just so bugged about things now. The following post is a vent. I tell you about my happy moments and achievements but here I am telling u a problem. If you thibk u can handle it, read on.

My husband is almost always late. He is a prof and does tend to get lost in his work. In the initial days of our marriage, I used to feel that I should be his priority. With maturity, now I know that I am but like any other passionate worker, he wants to finish a task. I know he understands the importance of leaving office on time and has an alarm to help him. Still, sometimes he is late.

Yesterday He was late again. Almost by an hour. I decided to not get upset or call him as he might be driving. Instead, as Dr. Wayne Dyer suggests, I sent him love and light and continued reading. I was slightly anxious but decided to not make a big deal. I saw the car pull over and got up to make the  salad. As I was almost done with the avocado, he came in the kitchen and handed me a warning. I asked him what it was. He took me to the window and showed me the bumper which was non existent. I asked him if he was ok. He said that he was but he will not drive. He told me the rest of it…and well I am bugged. I sent him love and light. My first exp of trying to be mature and this is what happens? I Am just so annoyed. It makes me wonder if my worrying would have prevented the accident. He says that I sent the love and light after the accident but I don’t like that logic. My faith is really just …. shaken. I don’t know what to think. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Shaken faith

  1. Isn’t it so obvious..
    Your love and light saved the man? Had you been worrying the negativity would have led far worse thing happen.. Thank God you decided to act mature that day.. Cheers to life

  2. Did you know our thoughts matter so much……. and the trap of dis reality is it makes you focused and think about the things what you ‘do not’ want instead of thinking about the things that you ‘actually want’
    I’m expecting you to take me positively on the following thing – Our thoughts really do come true and this is what it is “Thoughts actually become things.” And these are not the thoughts that we think upon in day to day life. The job of transforming things into thoughts is of Subconscious brain. Subconscious brain does not understand words but it understands the feelings attached to the words.
    Let’s go back to your original post and I request you to re-read it again.

    Whenever you think of not getting bugged, ur subconscious brain would make u ‘bugged’ because it does not understand the word ‘not’ and will give you what you asked for which is ‘getting bugged’
    The moments when you think your husband is ‘always late’, these thoughts get processed on the back of your mind and it would make it real by making him come ‘always late’
    When you think of ‘not getting upset’ your brain gives you what you ask for by ‘making you upset’ repeating again just because our subconscious brain which shapes up our future does not understand the word ‘not’
    When you think of ‘not making a big deal’ you get what you asked for by ‘making a big deal’
    When you think of ‘not disturbing’ him you emit thoughts in nature and you ask for ‘disturbing him’
    You might do such a wonderful thing by giving him Love and Light. But when you give any person Love and Light thinking something wrong is going to happen or something wrong has happened or something wrong is happening then BINGO…….Your wishes going in the back of your mind becomes a command for the nature.
    Love and Light sending does not begin when you sit at a peaceful meditative state with your closed eyes. The process begins from the moment you start thinking about giving Love and Light. So say for example if you think of giving sum1 Love and Light after half an hour, the process has already begun from now. You already started giving Love and light from the moment you think of giving at a future time.
    So now what? Am I trying to point out your faults? No not at all. I am no one to take out any one’s faults. So are you the one to be blamed? No never ever. So what is to be done? You just have to do a small small thing…..You just have to try changing the way you think. I mean ofcourse I would not be able to understand your situation since I am not in your shoes. You just have to accept a little thing that some things are just out of our control. I mean if he is late from his work, getting bugged would not help the situation at all because getting bugged with the situation won’t make him come early at all. So you have to just accept it the way it is. And just transform your negative words into positive ones. You know what would be amazing. What do we expect if we do something good for others? We love it when that person appreciates us right…….so once in a blue moon when he is early or maybe on time……Appreciate it instead of taunting (what we generally do)…….So u knw instead of saying – Ohhh what went wrong that you came early today? Why not appreciate the person by giving a warm hug and saying -‘ Oh I so loved it to see you at this time, I really appreciate it’ 
    This action of yours would even make him think of coming home to see you because everyone loves to be appreciated and thanked, isn’t it?  

    This little conversation……just give it a thought for a moment…….if you think it makes no sense at all then just you can close the window. Obviously if it doesn’t make any sense to us, we should not follow it at all.  😉

    P.S. – Why not think about the things that we want instead of getting bugged of thinking about those things that we don’t want it at all. 


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