Porching – Doesn’t take anything!

I read this chicken soup story yesterday and found it very appealing. There are 2 things that touched me.

One – The comparison of the pre technology age and now. I sometimes feel that we (mostly I) crib about the small things but forget how much good we really have and how blessed we actually are. This actually also hit me hard when I saw the movie – Manjhi. The line “Is it more difficult than breaking a mountain” is just something I hope I remember, always!

Two – The art of being still and actually doing nothing. Knowing the importance of it, You have to do it to experience it. If you need any help, do visit here.

Well, I am just happy that my husband and I did Porching on saturday. I made tea and told my husband to join me outside the door. I took a newspaper to sit on. I had a silly thought that we could have just sat inside the house but the outside seemed to be calling me and well… we sat on the steps outside and looked at the clouds. We had people who kept coming to do their laundry and we said hi and wished them a good day. 😀

My husband said that we could buy 2 chairs and keep them outside and do this often and I realized that he liked it. Chairs or no chairs, A newspaper worked just fine and … it felt good to do it. So, go ahead! do some porching and let me know how you feel. 😀



Ever changing life.

We have sort of come to a routine where we go shopping for groceries about twice a week in this lovely summer. On Sundays we go to a particular store and on Wednesdays we go to another. Sometimes we end up going to the Indian store and skip the local store. My husband drives and I look at the beautiful trees and other flora outside my car window. The place that we go to on Sundays has a lot of empty space next to the highway and I was surprised to see sunflowers growing there. Big pretty Sunflowers! I wish I could click pics but it is next to the highway.

Other than this, there are many wild flowers that I keep seeing. 20150620_074849Yellow, blue and purple wild flowers. I have no idea what they are but they have taught me one thing. I see a new one almost every few weeks. The yellow ones started in mid spring and then I see these big bulbs of white followed by the blues… after that and so many other colourful ones around July end. It is pretty to look and also it makes me wish to see them always.

What is strange is that there is no permanence in them. They come today and are gone in few days. They rarely repeat and there is always something new to look at. Nature is teaching us something so important.

Life keeps changing, every day is almost a new day. Enjoy!