A clean house

I like cleanliness, sometimes much to the anger of the people who stay with me but this is how things are and have always been. When guests are expected, the basic stuff is almost always clean but there are things to do that I can’t do alone or don’t do in my normal cleaning. I do them especially if we are expecting company. Also, since there are guests coming, my otherwise busy hubby pays special attention to the cleaning and overall look of the house. This is the best time to make him do the things I otherwise have trouble doing 😉

Today is one such day, we are expecting one of the few good friends we have in the USA to come for lunch tomorrow. Since they stay close to the place we go for group meditation, we have had breakfast at their house uncountable times. I always tell them that their house is magical, it keeps us there longer than we want to stay but anyway, I am digressing from the point as always… The point is that for whom do we clean the house? One of the things is that we normally don’t stay in a super clean up or organised house but like others to feel that we do. Besides this, the family that I am talking about knows who I am. We have spent a lot of time with them, they are almost like family, they know most of my flaws, they know my weaknesses, they have seen me argue with my hubby and basically they have seen me at my good and bad. I know that they like me despite of my flaws and I don’t think I need to pretend. Still there is a sense of pressure and (unnecessary) need to clean.

For whom am I getting so tensed or cleaning I wonder?

Whom do you clean your house for? Guests or yourself?