It is snowing here since today morning, actually we are hit by the first snowstorm of the season and also the year. A few states are in a state of emergency, flights are cancelled and some people are stuck like they would be if it was raining in Mumbai and well… Basically, things are bad.

On the other hand, There are many like me who are warm and safe in the comfort of their home and onlym watching it fall. If you are warm, I am sure that you can’t help but admire the beauty of it all. I was looking out the window and couldn’t help but think that The condition has to be just perfect for it to snow. Hence maybe it feels so magical. If the temperature is above a certain degree, then it would be rain and if it is too cold, strangely, it won’t snow at all.

So, if it snows, a lot of things have happened right for it to snow and trust me, if you are unharmed, you will find it to be the prettiest  and most magical thing in the world. Everything becomes white and I personally feel a sense of calm and quiet just watching it. It is as if everything has stopped and is busy watching the snow. I wish everyone could experience it once in their life, I am glad and very grateful to experience it.




Like always, my skills and my camera cannot do justice to the beauty but I hope my emotions and feelings are reaching to you and the sense of calm and quiet spreads through your heart too.

The power of distribution

I realised something about myself today. It is funny and little strange but I did do it and am feeling much better.

To explain things, here is a recap. My mom is to come to USA end of this month but her visa interview isn’t done yet. It is today, 6th Jan. She had to go to the passport office to make her passport several times and then there was an issue with her office NOC. Finally, she got all the papers in place and got the visa date.

Honestly, I am very worried about the interview but she isn’t. I don’t know what will happen if she doesn’t come. So here is what I did. I told a few friends and well wishers to pray. Just sharing it with them, made me feel somewhat better. After I calmed down, I realised what I had done. I distributed my worries in exchange of prayers amongst a few well wishers. I am so glad and grateful that I have a few people whom I know will worry for me. How lovely is this feeling and I feel so blessed. Well, if you are reading this, please pray that all goes well in the interview and that she is able to come visit us.