When I was young, breakfast was mostly aalo parathas, koki or theplas and sometimes idlis or poha. When I started working, I would take koki with orange marmalade and have at work. Then, it was oats on 4 days out of 7.


As always, realisation comes only when you do an activity, After I got married, and made koki and parathas, I realised what a cumbersome and unnecesarily complicated activity making a paratha is. Can’t I make the mixture of aalo and eat it with plain roti? Why do I need to stuff it inside?

Just saying! Do we complicate our lives unnecesarily?

Why I pity God

I have good news to share. I am sorry that I haven’t told you this before but you know how Indian parents can be. When I shared this with my mom, the first thing she told me was to not share it on Facebook. I told her that I wouldn’t and then she told me not to post it in any of the whatsapp group either. She checked on this and reminded about it for a few days. So anyway, here I am, telling you about it few days after my delivery. Pls do keep me in your prayers and pray for a speedy recovery and please give blessings to my little one.

Satyen came on 31st Jan, and in my little time with him so far, there is a thought that I wanted to share. I can’t help but think of myself as God and him as a human, Please pardon me for thinking so if it upsets you. But with my little time with him so far, I have realised a few things.

Crying doesn’t help- for those who know me well, know that I can cry at the drop of a hat. Though I have matured a little but not enough. My 25 day old is teaching me the futility of crying. Whenever he is hungry or wants to be changed or wants to be held, he cries. I understand that that is his way of communicating but Once I pick him up, he doesn’t seem to calm down. He continues to cry till his problem is solved. I feel we too do this. We worry or cry unnecesarily. I know I do. I wish I could have more faith and awareness to see the signs and … This also brings me to the second point.

Surrender – have you tried feeding a very hungry newborn? He won’t let go of his hand. With each passing day, he is getting stronger and I am still learning to feed him and understand his cues. When I try to remove his fist with one hand and then bring him close, his hand is back in position. I wish I had a third hand and it would make things easier 😉 anyway, the point is, I wish he would surrender to me, probably the same way God wishes we would surrender to Him. So what if he is taking something good from us, maybe he wants to give us something better.

This brings me to the  actual topic, I pity God. He must feel so overwhelmed with us stupid humans. He might have such plans for us and we do all sorts of silly things and create hurdles.

These points are easier said than done. I wish I could do them too… Well, as long as there is hope and will.

With prayers and blessings,

Keep smiling,