An unplanned life.

This may be the strangest and probably the funniest place to realize but… one can never judge such things.

Before my baby came, or maybe I should say that during my pregnancy, I sort of planned for the next day before my morning meditation or mostly the previous evening as I checked my to do list to see what was done for the day and what was pending.

Yesterday evening, my mom and I discussed how much my kiddo enjoyed a small walk outside. We decided to continue it as the weather was good for the next day.

Then we remembered that someone was coming for lunch and we would go before that or take her along with us. My mom said that it would be better to go around at 12. And then … we realized that we couldn’t plan as the night was still there.

My 7 week blessing is yet to adjust to the world and still to come to a schedule. He keeps us up on some nights and my morning does not start till 7 or even 9 am sometimes. I simply can’t plan my day or any meeting. Work was never a priority for me and now, it is even further down my list. But things like washing my hair is now a spontaneous activity. If I get a chance to bathe before noon, I wash. It annoys me sometimes but it is also fun. I find all this hilarious and silly. Just think about what you are reading.  A lady wawho can’t plan her hair wash. Hehehe.

Makes me realize that life is planned but that planning isn’t yours, It is His.

Why do we get attached to our plans. There are no certainties in life. I definitely don’t have any now.. I don’t know if my kiddo will sleep for two hours after his feeding or get up in half an hour and be in the mood for play..

Here is to an Unplanned life.

May you plan but not be completely attached to them and have fun in the NOW.

Move your head

My 7 week old was in his crib and my mom, hubby and I were sitting in the room and talking. My kiddo is sort of at a stage where he doesn’t like being alone and cries.

At 9 pm we pray for 15 minutes. As we got silent for our prayers, he got up. He was facing the other side. He couldn’t see us. Not seeing or hearing us, started calling for us. We responded and he calmed down.


This made me realise something. We too are probably looking at the other side when we feel we are helpless or feel that He doesn’t exist. I guess all we need to do is move our head … Or call him.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

The beauty of getting a greeting card.

When I was small, I liked getting and collecting greeting cards. It reduced as I left college and started working. I never paid much attention to them unless I would clean and organise my table drawers and when I did, I would read them all and relive the memories.


Then, I got married and left them all in my mother’s house. There is also a sort of maturity you get as you marry and …. As relations fade, the cards lost their importance somewhere.

Now, after Satyen has come, I have got a few cards again. The messages feel sooo special and I feel lovely. I can’t wait to give them to him for him to read. I prepared a mail id for him. In case you want to mail him, please do at Satyen.pal31 at gmail

No matter how silly it feels, There is something beautiful about getting a greeting card. It is a physical memory that you can see touch and also feel.

I hope you get a lot of them to store and cherish.



Memories for Life

Sometimes, I worry about my mom. She will retire in few months and for someone who is so used to working all the time, I wonder what she will do with her time. She has recently joined facebook – and I saw her going through it and finding old friends. Not just that, she was surprised to know of their developments. I think she has found a good time pass. She speaks to two of her friends regularly and plans to meet them when she will return to India.
I think the latest HDFC campaign “Memories for Life” is similar too. I made my entry there.
Technology is so wonderful and can make you do such amazing things. I am so happy to be able to leave something for my son. I feel happy too to know that my mom can connect with her friends. FB and HDFC provide us with the option to do this.
I really think that we live in the best of times…then again, I sometimes think that we live in the worst of times too but anyway, It is great to be able to do something for your loved one.
Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life.”

Blind to imperfections

imageI was brushing my teeth in the morning…. Err…. u need to know a couple of things before that in case you are new or Just a reminder if you are old.

1 I wear specs. It is not a very high number but I can’t see minute details without it as I can see with it.

2 I like to keep the house clean. Especially the bathroom.

3 Also, as most of you know, I just had a baby and it is difficult to keep the house as clean as I want. My mom does her best as a superwoman to take care of the baby, the house and the small baby (the first one being me;))

now that you know all this, the incident is that I was brushing  my teeth and found the basin nice and clean. I told my mom that afterwards. She smiled.

After some time, I washed my hands after breakfast, and saw that it was not the cleanest. I let it be and thought of cleaning it later when mom wouldn’t be looking.

Then, after getting up from one of my small naps, I washed my face and found the basin clean again. This is when I realised that if I wore specs, I could see the little imperfections and when I removed the specs, I couldn’t.

How interesting I think this is and couldn’t help wonder… If we have love, we surely can’t see the imperfections find everything to be beautiful.