Blind to imperfections

imageI was brushing my teeth in the morning…. Err…. u need to know a couple of things before that in case you are new or Just a reminder if you are old.

1 I wear specs. It is not a very high number but I can’t see minute details without it as I can see with it.

2 I like to keep the house clean. Especially the bathroom.

3 Also, as most of you know, I just had a baby and it is difficult to keep the house as clean as I want. My mom does her best as a superwoman to take care of the baby, the house and the small baby (the first one being me;))

now that you know all this, the incident is that I was brushing  my teeth and found the basin nice and clean. I told my mom that afterwards. She smiled.

After some time, I washed my hands after breakfast, and saw that it was not the cleanest. I let it be and thought of cleaning it later when mom wouldn’t be looking.

Then, after getting up from one of my small naps, I washed my face and found the basin clean again. This is when I realised that if I wore specs, I could see the little imperfections and when I removed the specs, I couldn’t.

How interesting I think this is and couldn’t help wonder… If we have love, we surely can’t see the imperfections find everything to be beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Blind to imperfections

  1. Very rightly said that if we have love inside us we cannot see any imperfections in others and that is the way it shud be with all of us so that we only see the good in others and not otherwise.

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