So, I also like Ranbir Kapoor now. There, I said it. After being an admirer of Aamir Khan from my childhood and recent one of Salman …. Now I adore the movies that Ranbir is in. After posting “how to be effective and productive” some well wishers must have surely prayed for me and my baby as he is sleeping without me for sometime and that’s giving me time to do a little it of my stuff. So, when I got a little time, I watched 2 of Ranbir’s movies. I don’t really know why but I like “ye jawani hai deewani” as much as I do because I rarely like to watch a movie I have already seen but there is something that I can connect with…maybe the character of Naina.. I sort of connect with her as though I wasn’t as studious as she was, I was more shy and self conscious than her. Also, a part of me, like everyone that wants to travel and see the world like Ranbir’s character but on the other hand, I like to stay in the comfort of my home. My cousin who came to see the baby from Denver wanted to go visit NYC but I said a form no. There are too many hassles with a small baby and I didn’t want to deal with them. The earlier me would have probably said yes or … I don’t know  … I always complain that my hubby doesn’t take me out much but a very very small part of me doesn’t want to leave her comfort zone sometimes and doesn’t take much action after the complaining and blaming.

So anyway, the movie – it is so sad that we always want to be someone else. I don’t know what changed me but I know that I would see other girls in school and wish I could be confident like them. When I was in college, I don’t know when I started becoming good at giving presentations in front of people and graphology helped me understand a lot about myself too and made me this nice person. Once I became as much confident as I wanted to be, there was always something else that I wanted to and still want to change. In a way it is natural to evolve and work upon oneself but am sure not all my wishes are for my spiritual evolution. Maybe it is my lack of self confidence that makes me want to be like other people.

So, my baby got up at this time and I couldn’t really complete what I wanted to say and have lost the track of time but I guess I have realized that it is better to be and accept myself. It requires a lot of courage, self esteem, self love in being just that all the time. And if you find people who are ok and like you for this…Great and if you are able to like them too.. Life becomes wonderful!

Any thoughts or experiences?


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