Eager for the next

So, my little monkey is almost 4 months old. I am really trying to grasp the reality of the situation. I have kept him alive for a month without my mom. I feel soo proud of myself. Jokes apart and thank you for your blessings, he is also reaching his milestones.


Source: Cafepress.com

And now, doing what I do best in these blogs, give gyaan. I have realized how the mind is always living in the future (or sadly, sometimes in the past)

My monkey started with finding his hands and holding them. Then he inserted them in his mouth. I was so excited. I looked forward to the next. He started holding his left toe and I couldn’t wait for him to hold his both toes.

Now that he has started holding his both toes and is showing signs of inserting them in his mouth, I can’t wait for him to do so.

It is sooo silly and also difficult. Even though there is realization, there is … addiction to habit or.. don’t know what but the mind is always dancing. This sort of makes me realize the addiction someone gets to the game- candy crush. They keep telling you about what you have locked and what is in store.

Sigh, Here is to a meaningful and productive week. May we learn to be in the present.


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