Jugalbandi in marriage

I was at the Heartfulness conference in NjPAC and heard some lovely jugalbandi. Post coming on Sunaynas day out soon. During the jugalbandi, I was in awe and didn’t know how or where my time went.


In the start, they played the music very slowly. Each one played together but it didn’t sound as if they were really playing together. It felt as if they were testing waters and consulting each other. Slowly the fun started. The flutist played a piece and the sitar player copied it on the sitar and then the sitar player played..you know how it goes. That was impressive! Lovely actually. I was mesmerized by it. It brings you in the moment. (If you like, you can see it here) In marriage, after a time, you tend to know each other. I think this is where I am in my marriage. I will complete 4 years soon and .. we know what could start a fight and what could make another person angry. We also know what will calm us down and sort of stop an argument. I wonder what happens after this stage but I think we are having fun. In the jugal bandi, they played some awesome music together. I don’t know how they progressed from the individual competition to playing together but it was lovely. Everyone in the audience stood up and was thrilled. If this is what is coming in my marriage next, I can’t wait for it.

I asked one of my friend who has recently completed 10 years in marriage (I think we as a couple share the same values with) of what is it that they fight about and he asked me what was wrong in fighting. Good question! Maybe I will have an apt answer for it. I always thought marriage to be… some other post, some other day.

Till then, I will enjoy the jugalbandi and keep smiling.

Meditation is like flossing.

Some years back, home in Mumbai, I was watching a movie and saw someone floss in it. I had never heard of this concept before. I asked Google baba and understood the theory behind it. I liked it but didn’t find it easily at my local kiranawala and let it be. The thought would come but I never acted upon it.


Source : Osho comics.

When we moved to USA, and went for our first dental cleaning, the doctor told us to floss. It triggered a memory and I told her to teach it to us and she did. On the weekend, we bought floss and tried it. We really liked it. I loved it actually as it felt like I had just had a cleaning done. But, as it happens sometimes, I didn’t do it regularly as it was a new activity that took time and effort. I felt pain in a molar and to prevent cavity, I started flossing everyday. Soon, it became a habit and if I go a day without it, I feel so weird and something feels amiss.

Now, for those who practice meditation everyday, will surely connect to what I have written.

For those who are different stages of …. Practicing it might hopefully find themselves here too.

On the occasion of International yoga day today, I sincerely urge everyone who is reading to at least try it. Even if it is just for a minute. You can find details here. http://en-us.heartfulness.org

Things get better…

The actual title should be – Things get better, one by one but some things remain the same and some things take time but mostly everything keeps getting better if you don’t give up.

I started cooking after marriage. I might have mentioned this before but I didn’t know to cook much but now, I like my cooking. My hubby too likes it and am so happy about it. Recently, I made sambhar and I like it myself. I remember, the first time I made it, it had barely any salt. I am still learning and I know a day will come when I will cook without being stressed.

sou satuOther than this, we took our son to Kohl’s (when he was around 2 months old) and he cried and cried and cried. Sou was super happy as he gets bored when I shop.  Thankfully, our son is now ok going to kohls and doesn’t mind being there now but yesterday we took him to the street festival and after some time, he cried. I am sure he was scared on seeing so many people together. Normally, I would worry about these things but I know that he will be fine, I just need to be patient.

Maybe all of us do, no?

There is a wonderful thing I heard in a talk by Kyle Cease. Suppose you start to change something in your life, it is as if you are going to a trip to NYC. If you start towards it and take a small break for sometime but tell yourself that NYC hasn’t come and maybe it never will, How silly would that be.

Keeping it short. Hope some things made better

Hope things keep getting better for you, me and all of us.

Hope we get enough strength and patience to keep doing what we have to

and Hope we …

Keep smiling 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and a wonderful Father’s day.

Responsibility lesson from banana

Sou and I eat a banana daily. Sometimes I forget and… Sometimes I forget for a few days in a row and …  We get really raw bananas in US so we buy them a week in advance but when I don’t remember to eat, we don’t buy a lot.

Sometimes, like this time, we ate what we had and had no leftover ripe banana from last week. I wanted to eat a banana but they were almost unripe 😦 and I don’t think sou can take one to his lab either.

I decided to experiment, I cut a few from the bunch and kept it for sometime.

image.jpegInterestingly enough, they ripened enough to eat.

This got me thinking that such a thing is true for us too. When we are with family, we (at least many of us) are not the most independent and responsible people that we can be. Only when we are left on our own do we quickly learn to become responsible and mature and ripe with each passing day.

Any experiences?


My mom is addicted to tea. I find it disturbing and wish she could change. My hubby says that he isn’t addicted to anything and I…

I have always taken pride in telling others that I am not addicted to tea or coffee. My dad had told me that I would get addicted once I started working the corporate but I didn’t… Sadly, I have realised that I am border line addicted to chocolates. I like to eat a small piece daily. Sometimes even more…. I am not fond of anything sweet or even ice cream but only chocolates. image

Source : https://www.sarriscandies.com/

In a way, I feel lucky and actually blessed that I am addicted only to chocolates and not something like drugs or FB but I was trying to figure out the reason. What is it that I lack to be addicted to chocolates. Any ideas? Are you addicted to anything?