Responsibility lesson from banana

Sou and I eat a banana daily. Sometimes I forget and… Sometimes I forget for a few days in a row and …  We get really raw bananas in US so we buy them a week in advance but when I don’t remember to eat, we don’t buy a lot.

Sometimes, like this time, we ate what we had and had no leftover ripe banana from last week. I wanted to eat a banana but they were almost unripe 😦 and I don’t think sou can take one to his lab either.

I decided to experiment, I cut a few from the bunch and kept it for sometime.

image.jpegInterestingly enough, they ripened enough to eat.

This got me thinking that such a thing is true for us too. When we are with family, we (at least many of us) are not the most independent and responsible people that we can be. Only when we are left on our own do we quickly learn to become responsible and mature and ripe with each passing day.

Any experiences?


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