Things get better – Part II

It was Sunday morning and we had to leave for our group meditation. Our desk light wasn’t working. Since there was time, I requested my husband to look into it. As he came close to it, he realized that the fish tank’s pump wasn’t working. He had changed the water on Saturday evening and … Long story short, If we hadn’t noticed it, the fish wouldn’t be healthy. It is amazing how things work out. It gives me faith in facing every situation with acceptance, courage, and love.index21

Also, it is the third Thursday and we went to the street fest. As hoped, Satu cried but not as much as he had last time. Things do get better!!! Hopefully, he will enjoy soon.

Also, with some maturity, I am realizingĀ  that there isn’t anything called a perfect moment! Everybody has some or the other thing lacking. Desires never leave us until we choose to leave them. There are some very very very rare moments where everything does work out….(until the next thing comes along) but we should be very very grateful if everything is in our favor.

Something to think over by Nida Fazli

Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta

Kahin zameen nahi to kahin aasman nahi milta

~Have a very productive week and do keep smiling~

Learning from Exit

We were coming home from NJ last weekend. There is an exit near Hartford that is always congested. The line to exit in 29 went up till 28. As we came to close to 29, we saw that there were some cars who came from the adjoining lane and signalled to be given way to exit. I felt buggedcar looking at them. How can they do this cheating? It is so unfair. What kind of people are they?

While I was thinking this, I looked back and remembered, there was a looooong line behind me of people who were doing the right thing. Why should I look at the people doing wrong? I rather look at the people doing the right thing and keep my calm. Maybe they had some emergency. The world hasn’t reached its tipping point yet and thank God for that. I think we mustn’t say things like it has or anything that could contribute to something we don’t want.

Have a lovely and productive week ahead.

Don’t forget to keep smiling šŸ˜€