Peace \/

I feel being peaceful, safe and content in life is a privilege.

I avoid writing on controversial topics as my FB gets too many comments for me to handle. Also, before you read any further, please know that my memory isn’t the greatest and I no longer remember my history and geography but I know one thing for sure that the people who divided India and Pak did it for peace and not for what we are facing. Chills run down my spine when I think of the trouble and the attacks. Are man-made lines really worth fighting over? Are we really soo silly? There are so many other things that are wrong and so many things that need serious attention but here we are fighting.

Forget Indi-Pak, there are issues everywhere. I really wish there was world peace. Something or the other is wrong and there is someone fighting with someone else in the name of religion or land or water or…

I urge you to pray for peace. It scares me to think of the environment. Can’t people see what they are doing to the planet they are born it? Is it really so difficult to keep it clean?  Since I was a child, I have been hearing of Global warming and … nothing seems to have changed. Empty words are spoken and empty promises made. Pls pray!