On acceptance

With His grace, I really have very few things to complain about. Life has been more kind than less but the mind is accustomed to worrying and many other things that it shouldn’t do. I have been trying to cheerfully accept a few things (that I think are not right) in my life. This following post is a reflection of it.

The other sunday, we were driving back from group meditation and I was in a funny mood. Husband was busy driving, Baby was sleeping and the phone’s battery was low. We were on a road with many signals and I don’t know how or why but I started playing with the signals. As the car would approach the signal, If it was green, I said thanks. If it was red, I would plead for it to be green. Then when I saw the red signal from far, I requested it to change before the car reached. 😛

It was fun at first but I started feeling irritated after some time. and there was a element of stress that was building in me. I stopped playing and sort of ignored them. Guess what – The stress vanished … and I think I understand the benefits of acceptance a little more than I did.