Nature takes care of everything

I am blessed to stay near a golf course. A little patch of green helps us watch, appreciate and cherish Mother Nature. We also get to see many of her children – deers and squirrels mostly. I am not sure I know what the deers eat in winter but I have seen them regularly in the last 4 months I have spent here.

As you know, the weather has been fluctuating. Sometimes I feel there is some conflict in the weather department upstairs because the weather was high at the start of March and we thought that Spring is here. The leaves had actually sprung and I could little bits of green almost everywhere. Cherry Blossoms were teasing us and making us anticipate their arrival. Then, something unexpected happened. I don’t think Mother nature expected it or she wouldn’t have let the greens come. We had a snow storm. We got about 16 inches of snow. I thought it was weird but somehow stayed indoors with the baby. Once the snow stopped, I saw the deers come out. I wondered what they would eat. Lucky for them, there were some small green leaves on the trees.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 19.36.58

It was so amazing to see them eat those fresh new growths. It filled me with so much joy to see them eat the leaves. Nature takes care of everyone and every little thing. A lovely reminder to all. 😀

Breathe and enjoy.  It fills me with so much peace to know that we always get what we deserve.

Keep smiling 😀

Learnings from my fish

As you might remember, I have a fish tank. I change a part of the water every week. My husband changes the full water every month. There is something I have learned about human behavior from seeing the fishes. When my husband tries to move the fish from the tank to the bucket to clean the tank- the fish resist it and

When my husband tries to move the fish from the tank to the bucket to clean the tank, the fish resist it and flip themselves. It is little heart wrenching to see it but a ritual that’s important for their survival.  What is amazing is that they flip around while we transfer them back to the same tank they were in.

Amazing na? Same tank that they were flapping to be out from. So amazing.

So amazing. Definitely, makes you think of how we react to change.wpid-20150710_191025.jpg