is it only me?

Is it only me who feels crass about these Indo-pak cricket jokes? I feel so sad to see kids joking about it. It is so scary to see the seeds of hatered already planted in them. I am not a big cricket fan but as a kid…I remember feeling so excited during Indo-Pak matches. Kids flow with the energy around them. We should be very careful of what we teach our kids. We want world peace on one hand but we also joke and degrade other countries. And what are countries? Man made lines.

We hide behind our computer screens and share jokes. Is it only me who feels very odd about it. These jokes make an image about a person. The person may not really be like that.. How many of the people who joke about celebs and politicians have actually met them and can confirm the facts they post about?

Before you tell me to have a light heart about this, I feel we need to be aware of our thoughts and the effect of them. Please share this msg with people who need itIMG_0112


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