Not the end

Dearest ones,

This blog was my main tool to communicate for a long time. Thank you very very much for reading and encouraging and helping me grow. Most of you may know, I have made my own site – and I will be blogging from there.

My first post on the site is live now and it is also called “Not the end” (Click on the link to read it)

I hope you continue showing me your love and keep sending my your good wishes. I am so excited about this new blog. My hands are flying on the keyboard ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much for all your love.


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is it only me?

Is it only me who feels crass about these Indo-pak cricket jokes? I feel so sad to see kids joking about it. It is so scary to see the seeds of hatered already planted in them. I am not a big cricket fan but as a kid…I remember feeling so excited during Indo-Pak matches. Kids flow with the energy around them. We should be very careful of what we teach our kids. We want world peace on one hand but we also joke and degrade other countries. And what are countries? Man made lines.

We hide behind our computer screens and share jokes. Is it only me who feels very odd about it. These jokes make an image about a person. The person may not really be like that.. How many of the people who joke about celebs and politicians have actually met them and can confirm the facts they post about?

Before you tell me to have a light heart about this, I feel we need to be aware of our thoughts and the effect of them. Please share this msg with people who need itIMG_0112


Nature takes care of everything

I am blessed to stay near a golf course. A little patch of green helps us watch, appreciate and cherish Mother Nature. We also get to see many of her children – deers and squirrels mostly. I am not sure I know what the deers eat in winter but I have seen them regularly in the last 4 months I have spent here.

As you know, the weather has been fluctuating. Sometimes I feel there is some conflict in the weather department upstairs because the weather was high at the start of March and we thought that Spring is here. The leaves had actually sprung and I could little bits of green almost everywhere. Cherry Blossoms were teasing us and making us anticipate their arrival. Then, something unexpected happened. I don’t think Mother nature expected it or she wouldn’t have let the greens come. We had a snow storm. We got about 16 inches of snow. I thought it was weird but somehow stayed indoors with the baby. Once the snow stopped, I saw the deers come out. I wondered what they would eat. Lucky for them, there were some small green leaves on the trees.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 19.36.58

It was so amazing to see them eat those fresh new growths. It filled me with so much joy to see them eat the leaves. Nature takes care of everyone and every little thing. A lovely reminder to all. ๐Ÿ˜€

Breathe and enjoy.ย  It fills me with so much peace to know that we always get what we deserve.

Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜€

Learnings from my fish

As you might remember, I have a fish tank. I change a part of the water every week. My husband changes the full water every month. There is something I have learned about human behavior from seeing the fishes. When my husband tries to move the fish from the tank to the bucket to clean the tank- the fish resist it and

When my husband tries to move the fish from the tank to the bucket to clean the tank, the fish resist it and flip themselves. It is little heart wrenching to see it but a ritual that’s important for their survival.ย  What is amazing is that they flip around while we transfer them back to the same tank they were in.

Amazing na? Same tank that they were flapping to be out from. So amazing.

So amazing. Definitely, makes you think of how we react to change.wpid-20150710_191025.jpg

Are you afraid of the dark?

I recently read “Autobiography of a Yogi” and .. not surprised at the saints and their powers possible but sometimes I crave for miracles. I shouldn’t be greedy but I do crave for them.

And then, something happened. I was in the living room at night. After 14 months of cribbing that I haven’t slept a whole night, my hubby thought I should sleep in the living room and he will try to pat or console my munchkin back to sleep.

So, here I was on the couch… Must tell you that we have a balcony with glass windows and it overlooks a golf course. All we see from the balcony are trees (and deers…I know, it’s very beautiful but that isn’t the point of the story) and in the night, it can be scary..especially if you are afraid of the dark. I am not saying that I am. I am grown up now so I shouldn’t be. Also, I am a mom now. I am not scared of the dark. Really. So Anyway, I was lying on the couch. After my prayers, I kept my head on the soft pillow and what do I see? The trees are swaying. I knew that rain was in forecast so it must be the breeze. Some loud strong breeze. I shut my eyes and tried to sleep. I heard a little bit of ooooing of the breeze. The temperature is single digit at night so all the windows are tightly shut, There is no scope of any noise. I opened my eyes. The trees still swaying and… all of a sudden, I see some form of light increasing and decreasing. This is in the window close to the kitchen. There isn’t any street light that side but I couldn’t see that far and that too without specs in the dark toh I am as good as blind. I saw the flickering light which was not supposed to actually be there and … I got a little bit scared. I closed my eyes shut and wasn’t sure what to make of all this. I couldn’t go disturb my baby or hubby but there was a light where there isn’t supposed to be any. Was it a spaceship? Am not sure. Was it God. I wasn’t sure I wanted to open my eyes to see it.ย  After keeping my eyes shut for a minute and calming down, a thought came to me. Wasn’t I the one craving to meet God? What if it really is God or some saint or …? Why am I afraid? What am I afraid of? Would you have been afraid?

Does he come to people who are scared of him? Maybe he came and I was so scared that I didn’t open my eyes. Will he still come? Just confused.

This was like a refreshers course on a lesson I already know. ( Be careful what you ask for. What would you have done?

Are you ready to meet God if he comes?

PS – Dear God, next time you come, please leave the thunder and noises behind. Please. I am not scared but please.


Blame it on being a mom but now, most of my inspiration is from my kid and his activities.

We got him helium balloons for his birthday. He loves them. We realized it when he was 6 months old and I would be shopping and my son would stay busy looking and playing with the in-store helium balloons. So, on his 1st birthday we got half a dozen of helium balloons for him to play with.


Have you ever played with one? They are amazing. No matter how much you pull them down or keep them down, the minute you leave them, they just fly back up. I wish we were all like this. I wish all of us had the positive spirit and determination like a balloon. We all have our good and bad days but it would be so amazing if we could all just stay up and above all the pettiness and the negativity..

Hope the world is filled with positive and happy and loving people.

Smiles and hugs and love to ALL

Figured out something on life while playing with bubbles

As you know, we recently moved and the new place has a club which conducts story time every Wednesday. I took my kid there today and the reason for writing this post came to me. The session started with the bubbles session. The organizer blew bubbles and all the babies who were scattered in the room gathered around her. The rest was super fun for the kids but something struck me.



source – Google


Are we not like kids running after material bubbles? Oooooooh such a deep thought! No? Think about it!

We (me included) are so lost and busy after our man-made set goals that we probably are unaware of others around us. We sometimes bump into others, sometimes we fall but are only busy with the bubbles. I don’t have much to say about the topic and my baby is playing and might call me anytime but …. are you after some bubble? The reason why I am calling our material goals a bubble is because once we get it, the happiness quickly bursts and we completely forget it and run after another.

Let me know your views.