My Published work

I am a long long way away from having a regular column in the newspaper or a magazine or even a TV show I know. about wishful thinking but the bug to write has created the following articles, poems and short stories so far and put me on cloud 9 with each of them. (Last updated 1st May 2017)


MOL Short love story “Mr Boring” about a lady realizing the true dedication of love by looking at a hawker. Published with some really amazing writers in the anthology called “Memoirs of Love”

Published with some really amazing writers in the anthology called “Memoirs of Love”

Buy it here

10991427_807784355974735_229565728047680002_nThis book is totally dedicated to poems and 2 of my Poems “The waiting room” and “Heaven” published in this anthology called “Rhymes and Rhythm”

This anthology has 25 other wonderful poets and is worth a look.

Buy it here

product_thumbnail.phpShort story “And He replied” about my conversation with Him and how He actually replied and strengthened my faith

and “The waste of it all” a flash fiction about the waste of being angry, published in an International anthology “SOUL”

It is for charity and you may love to buy it here

11828791_10205312922609090_718790435891035022_nPoem – A letter to my mind published in an upcoming book “Soaring High” published by “Faith by Grace Publishing”

The poem was written in anger and talks about the frailties of the human mind.

Buy it here

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEPoem “Music in the house” about various sounds in the house and how it sounds like music if there is love. I am so happy to be a part of this as it has an amazing collection of many international writers.

The sales from this book go to Starving Artists Fund. Buy it here

51bmea+1CdL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_Poem “I lost her somewhere” in anthology “Life as it happens”

It has 105 poets, can you imagine what a treat that is?

The pre-order has started. Find it here.

Screenshot - 07062016 - 10:40:48 AM.pngA poem “Watching wings” published in “Poetry4OurPlanet” I am so happy to be a part of this project and hope to write poems and stories that can be part of something so huge.

14330162_10153799515541722_8353634408419832255_nA poem “To the workaholic” is published by Sea Green Zines. They are based in Australia. When I sent my poem to the editor, I mentioned that I was in the USA and not Australia. She didn’t seem to bat an eyelid but said thanks for sending the address. I had a feeling that she would reject my poem as it would mean sending me my contributor’s copy all the way.

Well, Long story short, I am thrilled to see my copy

Short story “The unaccepted gift” coming in “Unofficial Meri Kahani”

Short story coming in “Ek Saher Umeed Ki”

Two short stories coming in “Frozen Emotions”

Short story coming in “A lasting Love”

Love at first ride coming in “First date”


~Print Magazines~

A poem I fellwomans_logo in love published in the January 2015 issue of Women’s era. This is the second time I received payment and it has made me so happy to know that the Delhi Press pays.

I am going to submit here again. 🙂

affPoem  published in the inaugural issue of Afflatus. it is based in the Philippines and some of the proceeds will go to a family support group in Philippine General Hospital during Christmas. I am happy to be a part of this project.

Buy it here !

A short story “The Interesting Story of the Slippers” published in “In-flight Literary Magazine” 9 monthby Paper Planes. It is an interesting story based on imagination and hope. Find it here – in

womans_logoPoem “I can’t wait” published in the July (second) issue of Womansera

It is about my 9-monthwait to meet my little monkey.

Poem “What have we done to you dear mother” coming in Women’s era.

~ Online Literary Magazines ~

Before marriage, my research led me to Style and Sparkle. I ended up writing for them too and spoke to some marvellous people like Jawed Habib, Kiran Bawa, Leena Mogre and Prashant Talwalkar.

Here is the list of the articles – Interviews of Chandan Roy Sanyal and Krishna Bharadwaj – Interviews of Mahek Chahal, Aishwarya Sakhuja and Tannishta Chatterjee – Spoke to Ferns and Petals and this amazing owner of Planet Celebrations of Jaipur. His pics were so beautiful that it took my breath away.

 Powai info2My writingPowai info1 and pictures of experience of Diwali after marriage in Powai, Mumbai was published in an online magazine called The Powai Info Daily – Twice!

Such Luck!

Poem “Who is the real guest” my conversation with a lizard published in WOW. I wish this turns into a short film someday. World of words in July 2014. Read it here

Poem “Hope” about the thoughts I felt when I was at an all time low, published in Writer’s Ezine. here is the link.

tamarind riceMy very very first short story “The angel with four legs” got published with Tamarind Rice 🙂 It is about a kid who is scared of dogs and….Read it here


702796_10203795687332965_1556101160_nPoem – “I let it fly away” about a beautiful balloon that I let go, published by Prachya review is available here

My first international publication, What makes it so rewarding is that I had to rework on it thrice. It has made me appreciate the quality standard of the publication house and it also feels so good to know that they are willing to work with you and are ensuring that only the best from you is published. So nice is the feeling when the hard work finally pays off.

Poem – “I like it here”  by silver birch press

My second international publication. An article in Life Purpose Matters about my real life experience as a housewife.

My third international Publication, a poem, “The naming ceremony” published
with Silver Birch again

A poem “What will happen next” at Writing Raw

A poem “Evening walk” is published by Blazevox – available here

A poem “Call me home” published by The writer’s drawer

A poem “Alone” published by The Criterion available here

A “Injustice in dream” published by Creative Talents Unleashed. Got the best acceptance letter here.

sunaynapalShort love story “How They Kept Their Love Alive” by WE  again. I like working with WE as they always reply back and are really hard working people. All aspiring authors can surely give them a shot.

Culture-Cult-bannerCulture cult, An amazing magazine by CultWords Press. My poem “Waiting in anticipation” which I had conceived while traveling by train and waiting for something. (Read in poem) It is one of the most spontaneous poems I have written. It is a funny read for sure. You will surely read it twice.

A Flash fiction “A good impression” is also published in this issue. It is hopefully inspiring and might connect with some of you.

Poem “To my naysayer” and “Misunderstanding” published in “rise

Poem “Tears”  published in Feminine collective

Poem “The blue sock” published in Silver Birch press. Find it here


 TOI1This is my first publication ever. It had come in thane plus section of TOI. June someday of 2012. This is how it all started. This one is thanks to Manisha Dhingra who found my desire to be published somewhere and helped me write.

This one wTOI2as the cover story of Thane plus on June 24th 2012. My second assignment and also a paying one. It gave me a chance to speak to many interesting people and this is again thanks to Manisha Dhingra.

logoI met a bus driver while coming back home one day and the conversation we had about India made me want to share it with everyone in India, I decided to send it to The Hindu and I got up today with over 25 mails in my inbox. People have read and commented. Thank you so much, please find the link here

~ Articles in Blogs, forums and websites ~

Watching Ramayan led me to the following article on 2nd June 2014, which was published at Vinay’s HR Zone, Ur friend in HR. – Read here.

Published at Vinay’s HR Zone, Ur friend in HR. again. – Read an article about leadership here

My love for peanut butter got me a mention in an Australian Blog – Live Believe Relax. Read it here

An article published by Indus Ladies. Something that a creator will always want to hear. It is a tough world out there and reading this surely helps.

How to forgive your boss published on ON contract site.



Sigh!!!! Eagerly waiting to hear from some more … hopefully soon


6 thoughts on “My Published work

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  2. Amazing work Sunayna dii!! You are so dedicated and complete in whatever you do
    Let me tell you, you have become an inspiration for me 🙂
    All d v best for all your future endeavors.

    • Thanks dear Ritu,
      Your message has made my day even more wonderful

      May His blessings be with you always 🙂

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