Buying a new phone?

The idea of this post came when my husband’s phone stopped working on new year eve. There was a sudden need for a new phone. I knew that iPhone is expensive but I had no idea that a poor man could marry his daughter with that sort of money._mg_9652edit_custom-91553181f7881eac9849d73023252ee2b6c1c74a-s900-c85

IMHO, it is crazy to buy a phone in which one will only receive calls, click pics and WhatsApp and Facebook. I understand that it is a status symbol and am okay with one using it as one if they can afford it. I also don’t mind spending a little more money if the quality is nice but most phones (iPhone especially) stop working as soon as the new one is launched. I don’t see the point of buying it then.

Now, I have a new respect for people who have experimented with different phones. I am glad my hubby is one.




Why do we do this to ourselves?

If I scroll on Facebook for a minute, all I will see are jokes of the new year resolution tot working or breaking. I find it disturbing to know how easily people make and break it.

It is a mystery to me that why I think something is good for me but I still don’t do it and vice versa. I believe the answer lies in spirituality but I am still not able to apply it properly. It is a good thing that we want to change and it is a start. There are setbacks but change happens. I don’t know who started the trend of making a resolution but IMHO, making a resolution is as good as procrastination. If you aren’t able to do the change today, there is little hope of it happening on Jan 1st.

I feel one has to realise the reason of doing the activity that they are trying to change. For instance, I want to further reduce my intake of chocolate. I need to understand why I eat? The mind is complex and there are a lot of reasons but I know a few I can handle. Now, when I want to eat something sweet – i eat a date. If I want to eat chocolate because it reminds me of my childhood and the fun time I had, I look at old pics. Sometimes it works and sometimes I eat chocolate and look at the pics. The point is to figure out your reason of doing the activity you want to change and see if you can find a healthier alternative.

Getting stressed and procrastinating and then getting depressed isn’t going to bring about the change Nor is spreading jokes and creating negativity. Please please please don’t do it to yourself. New year is just a change of date. The change in self will come from within. I hope we bring that change.

I hope you all have a lovely new year. I hope that if there is something you want to change, you are able to do it today and now. I hope the same for me too  🙂


On learning detachment from a toddler

I feel overwhelmed to know that my 11 month baby will turn a year old instead of 12 months and then a year but what will be, will be. (If it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, just continue reading)

I have noticed that my almost 1 year old is the most detached person I know. I wish I could learn this from him, If he is playing with a toy, he is completely focused and busy with it until he learns everything there is to learn from it. Once he is done learning, he drops it … or rather flings it without even  looking in that direction and goes on to play with another toy. I am amazed at the way he drops it. He doesn’t even see where it went (much to my dislike though because I have to clean it) and so easily just drops it. I wish I could let go like that. I think it would help me to be more flexible and surrendered.

We have a move coming soon. I am excited but I also know that I am not calm inside and have mixed feelings about leaving this small town of mine. Some people have become closer than family and I know I will be in touch with them because of the wonderful invention of internet but … I am attached and … wish I wasn’t. I am not sure if I really want to be completely unattached… I know things will be good where I go to but…

as of now, the only thing I am sure of is that I am confused.

Hope to get some clarity in the new year.

hope you have a lovely new year.


On acceptance

With His grace, I really have very few things to complain about. Life has been more kind than less but the mind is accustomed to worrying and many other things that it shouldn’t do. I have been trying to cheerfully accept a few things (that I think are not right) in my life. This following post is a reflection of it.

The other sunday, we were driving back from group meditation and I was in a funny mood. Husband was busy driving, Baby was sleeping and the phone’s battery was low. We were on a road with many signals and I don’t know how or why but I started playing with the signals. As the car would approach the signal, If it was green, I said thanks. If it was red, I would plead for it to be green. Then when I saw the red signal from far, I requested it to change before the car reached. 😛

It was fun at first but I started feeling irritated after some time. and there was a element of stress that was building in me. I stopped playing and sort of ignored them. Guess what – The stress vanished … and I think I understand the benefits of acceptance a little more than I did.



Peace \/

I feel being peaceful, safe and content in life is a privilege.

I avoid writing on controversial topics as my FB gets too many comments for me to handle. Also, before you read any further, please know that my memory isn’t the greatest and I no longer remember my history and geography but I know one thing for sure that the people who divided India and Pak did it for peace and not for what we are facing. Chills run down my spine when I think of the trouble and the attacks. Are man-made lines really worth fighting over? Are we really soo silly? There are so many other things that are wrong and so many things that need serious attention but here we are fighting.

Forget Indi-Pak, there are issues everywhere. I really wish there was world peace. Something or the other is wrong and there is someone fighting with someone else in the name of religion or land or water or…

I urge you to pray for peace. It scares me to think of the environment. Can’t people see what they are doing to the planet they are born it? Is it really so difficult to keep it clean?  Since I was a child, I have been hearing of Global warming and … nothing seems to have changed. Empty words are spoken and empty promises made. Pls pray!



Are you happy?

There are some days in life which are just aagh. You don’t know what is happening and no clue of the future. My hubby and I are facing this. A cranky and teething baby adds spice to the mixture. 😦 To get my mind off of things, I switched on my computer and went on YouTube. On my recommended list was a episode from Upanishad Ganga called “happy man’s shirt” it definitely gave me hope of finding some answer.

If you don’t want any spoilers, please watch the episode here.


Anyway, I thought about it and I get it to an extent – the recipe to happiness includes nothing from desires or expectations or possessions or achievement. It only needs surrendering to divine will and complete faith in divine providence. I am not even going to tell you that it is easily said than done because I am sure you already know it.

For a minute, my mind totally agrees to it and sort of wants to follow it too. I try to be happy. My mind searches for what happiness feels like. It gets it but feels weird to be that. Heart rejects this facade. Heart feels that happiness is more like being content and at peace with the now. Now? Wow? And all the time? Doesn’t seem doable but am sure it is. Mind wants to control. How do I accept the situation and that too cheerfully? Maybe I lack faith.

What about you? Are you happy?

Is there something that you are waiting for to be happy? It seems so silly na when you read it but am sure we are all doing it. I know I am. Am I thinking too much?

Something to think about.

keep thinking

keep smiling

What is dangling before you?

I have wanted to write this post for over a month now. Talk about being as busy as a bee, it should be as busy as a mobile boy’s mom.

Anyway, since a few months now, my baby has been very active. Diaper changing is difficult. He squirms and shows me all the ninja moves he is capable of. The solution – dangle a toy in front of him. He goes for it. He wants it and he gets distracted and plays with it while I can swiftly change the diaper.

At first, I found it very useful, then I found it funny and now I feel slightly enlightened. Here’s why – The kid who had no interest in or knowledge of the toy before this, wants the toy now. It explains how fragile and immature the human mind is. It wants anything that will dangle in front of it. Is it true for your life?

I found this to be true in my personal life. As you might have known, Whatsapp needs an update. Everytime this happens, my phone gets a nice cleaning. I am a part of few groups here and there and get a few videos. I don’t get to watch them daily but when I need space, I take time to watch them. Some of them are really inspirational and worth watching and some of them are nice and funny. Some are worth ignoring but I do watch them a little before deleting. The point is, my life was just as good without watching them. Isn’t the same logic of danglers applicable here too.

Funny image of businessman chased with carrot

source –

Also, one more thought about visiting new places.(I hope my hubby doesn’t read this though as he is the least enthu person about visiting new places) Now, as we have seen a little bit here and there, I feel like having more experiences or learning new things than visiting parks or most of the tourist attractions. Most tourist attractions have nothing to see. So just because something is a tourist attraction … is also a dangler. We don’t need to go there because the rest of the world is going. Makes my life simpler.

Think about it. Whatever you want in life – Is it really something that you want or is it just dangling in front of you and makes you want to have it?

I am a little enlightened but still have a very very long way to go. My son has come to teach me and I am glad I have time to sit and learn.

Keep smiling

Keep learning

Keep sharing