Shocked and Confused

I am coming to believe that there are 2 kinds of people. One who are critics and one who are so glad that they did something that they love what they did.  There is some sense of accomplishment in making your own food I guess which leaves you in  shock and confusion when others don’t like it.

Last week, I was so pleased with the dal I made. My mom tasted it and kept the cooker back on gas. I was shocked. It was the most amazing dal I had ever tasted. What happened here?

Today, when the turn of daal came again, mom made it in the morning itself.


I am so proud of myself……

I did something which i never thought i could do. and have been dancing with joy since then.

Our old computer table’s wheel was broken and we had trouble shifting it….had been thinking about this since days that we need to shift it to a spare table that we have. but i don’t work that well with gadgets…i don’t know what got into me yesterday and i decided to change it.
i did need a little help to know if i could shut the cpu door and to remove 2 switches that were not coming out. but i accomplished it on my own and am so very very proud of myself. I feel as if i can do anything.

Life’s good 😛