What decides beauty?

Early in the morning, my hubby and I were admiring the view outside the train window.  I told him that it all looks so very very pretty. He nodded. I said everything is pretty no? Everything. He looked at me admiringly and I knew he was about to say something wise. 🙂 He said it is because everything is fleeting. It is temporary. Also we are seeing it all from an ac window and not able to smell the garbage. He added with a chuckle.

To think about it, he is right. If we picked a spot near the rail line and decided to stay there, the place like any other place would reveal all its sides…. annoying, disturbing, harmful, noisy etc.

Yesterday, when we entered our compartment,  I was delighted to know that we had the last 2 seats near the door in the 2 tier ac compartment. As you must be knowing that there are 4 seats in each cabin. Since we have only 2 I was happy to know that we had our privacy. We could keep oyr bags safely and use the tray table conveniently.
Third thing I noticed was that it was near the door which put a crack in my charm. Khulne bandh hine ka aawaz aayega I whined. And 2 hours later I also realized that it had no plug point so I had to use my phone sparingly.

So, comingto the point, what decides beauty of a place? The initial 5 seconds or the experience till the end. Is there something really everlasting? Or is it the human mind that and desire that can never be satiated? Is there something perfect? Everything has flaws no? Why do we look for perfection? Ooooh so many questions. Enough to think over the weekend. Keep smiling

Art part 2

This was what i will teach my kids at Smart potato. Madhubani painting. Also called Mithila painting. It is named after a place in bihar where it is mostly done by women.

I loved the way it looks…Easy to do and breath taking beautiful.

Here was my first attempt on doing it.

This is how it looked on completing the painting.

and this is the thing we tried to do at Smart potato when we were undergoing training, Don’t ask me about the lady. We don’t know what happened to her either 😛

The border is the main thing in these paintings.

I love doing these paintings for some reason. There are 2 more under construction, will upload as done.

Keep smiling.

Harishchandrachi Factory

I saw Harishchandrachi Factory. I just have to write about it. The movie is beautifully made. Simple is not a simple enough word to describe it. It is something like natural… the characters seem so good. Their acting seems effortless. There are very few movies that have this touch of simplicity. Last movie I saw which I thought was beautifully simple was Swami – Manoj bajpai and juhi chawla. I am trying to rack my brains for any other such movie; anyway, I would love to know if there are any more movies like this.

There are so many moments in the movie that u want to grab hold of the actor and hug them. 🙂 Do watch it. It is going to bring a smile to ur face to say the least.


Taj Mahal

All of u know what Taj mahal is…

  • It is a mausoleum in Agra
  • It was built by Shah jahan for his beloved Mumtaz
  • It is considered the finest example of Mughal architecture
  • It is made of marble
  • Building began around 1632 and was completed around 1653,
  • It employed about 20 thousand artisans and craftsmen

What is the big deal though? I haven’t seen it yet, I know it looks amazing, but then again, there are so many sculptures that look pretty too. So here is my take, It is more to do with the story than anything else. My dad agreed. It is the thought, the love behind the structure, the feelings behind the structure than the structure itself.

It is said that Shah jahan locked himself in a room for 2 years after the death of Mumtaz and didn’t apply ittar.

It is the symbol; it is the kind of love what any woman could dream for. God knows how practical that is; anyway who said love was practical in the first place. Love flies out the window when practicality comes in. This symbol gives hope!!! A very strong word hope is. A lot of wounded souls feel better knowing of its existence. I guess I am one of them.

I was watching Nat Geo yesterday night with my dad, they showed how the Taj Mahal was built. My dad asked me generally, you have still not seen it na?

I said no, totally engrossed in looking at the garden and what it symbolised.

Adding , I said “on second thoughts, I have not seen Goa too” hoping he would get a hint that it is time for a family picnic.

He looked exasperated; he said kya compare kar rahi hai…kidhar taj kidhar goa.

I realised he was one of them too. Love and hope are not immune to age.


Puppy love

Our building has some new pups. They should be 3 weeks old now. The whole building looks after them. The kids play with them all day long. They roam around carrying the pups. Ek bacha jata hai aur doosra aa jata hai. They have even named the pups. Natkhat, brownie and rocky. I don’t know the fourth one’s name. All i know is that it is super amazing to see the love these pups get from the whole building. It is a beautiful feeling. We even gave the pups a bath. The aunties and uncle’s feed them biscuits, leftover rice EVERYDAY. The teens too like to pet them, play with them. It is an amazing amazing feeling to look at the love these 4 pups get.