Birds are Intelligent

I am lucky to have a bird feeder outside my house thanks to my dear hubby. It was my much awaited gift. BF1

I do try to remove some time and sit by the window to watch birds. I have seen many wild birds but mostly sparrows are my regular guests. The feeder is placed in such a beautiful way that I can type on my computer and yet just lift my head to the right and look at the feeder. All birds make a noise as they come to eat. Hence, It is a delight to have it.

BF3  BF2

The reason I feel birds are intelligent is that they can sense me watching them. Can you see the glare on the window in the first pic, I know humans can’t see from outside but birds seem to sense my presence and fly away when I move. It is so difficult to click pics. I have seen birds playing with each other and once I saw a sparrow touch beaks with another. It was spectacular but they fly away as I pick my camera. Even when I stay very very quiet, I feel birds make eye contact and sense me and fly away.

Maybe the smart people amongst you will tell me that their vision is better than us humans and …

It used to break my heart to know that the birds fly away because of me. Thankfully, slowly I feel they are starting to trust me. Yesterday, as I was waiting for my dear hubby to come home, I saw this bird who kept on eating. The bird didn’t mind me at all and it is the most delightful experience to have. I thought that it is always a delight to be accepted by babies and really small children but birds… This is a whole different kind of acceptance that I beginning to love.

On Traveling

Travel teaches a lot of things. Thanks to my job and because of His grace, I have traveled a lot last few years. For me, Surprisingly, Travel has taught me that people, dialects may differ but trees and dogs remain the same. The trees look the same, the dogs look just the same, the birds sound the same, the mountains look the same… only people look different. Why I wonder?

Life will surprise u!!!

We have a small vessel full of water kept on our window sill for our feathered friends. It has a green layer on the bottom.  I don’t think anyone cleans it ever. I normally refill the water when I water my plants.

Recently I thought of cleaning it wondering if the water is fit for the bird’s consumption but i was afraid that birds would not come to drink if they found a new smell. I thought of taking my chances, at least i wouldn’t worry or wonder about it.

I cleant the  vessel, filled it with water and went away for some 2 hours. When i took note of it, guess what…

it was dirty again. The pigeon was happily cooling itself as if mocking me. Kya ukhad liya saaf karke? The birds had obviously not been averse to the clean vessel at all. 😦 they changed it to the way they liked it.

Birds!!! they could surprise you. Life could surprise you.

They say that life is what happens to you when u r busy making other plans. If u r scared of doing something…do it!