Criticized :)

With time I learn that blessed are those who are criticized and warned,

for His blessings are with them always, in every moment and more.

Healing moonlight

I dragged my husband to powai lake for some moonlight healing along with sheera (I don’t know the proper way to make kheer) We were sitting by the lake and a group of youngsters asked us to go home from far. We ignored them.

Then a man facing my husband told my husband to leave. My husband showed him our sheera dabba and the person said – no problem, leave after eating.

As we were eating our prasad, he passed us by and said he was sorry that he disturbed us and we could eat at peace and then leave.

I was curious to know who this person was. I asked him if he was in-charge of security here. In the most humble tone possible, he told me that he is a constable and he is cautioning us because once the patrol van comes, they will annoy us for no reason. Also that there are drunkards at this time and…

My learnings –

1) The tone of your warning is more important than the warning. I am very happy to know that I stay in an area where the police is actually friendly and seems like they are there to help.

2) Somebody warning u is so nice. It makes u feel so blessed.

3) Asking questions is easy if ur hubby is around. ek aur ek gyaara ban hi jaate hai 🙂

4) Talking to strangers and asking questions can lead to some very interesting revelations.