Figured out something on life while playing with bubbles

As you know, we recently moved and the new place has a club which conducts story time every Wednesday. I took my kid there today and the reason for writing this post came to me. The session started with the bubbles session. The organizer blew bubbles and all the babies who were scattered in the room gathered around her. The rest was super fun for the kids but something struck me.



source – Google


Are we not like kids running after material bubbles? Oooooooh such a deep thought! No? Think about it!

We (me included) are so lost and busy after our man-made set goals that we probably are unaware of others around us. We sometimes bump into others, sometimes we fall but are only busy with the bubbles. I don’t have much to say about the topic and my baby is playing and might call me anytime but …. are you after some bubble? The reason why I am calling our material goals a bubble is because once we get it, the happiness quickly bursts and we completely forget it and run after another.

Let me know your views.