Cars are us

I was crossing the road yesterday when a fast vehicle zoomed by me. Disgusted with such drivers I gave him my angry look and quite happily saw him come to an hault before turning right at a cross road to make way for incoming traffic. Just about then, I saw a car coming at a medium pace breezily and take the same right turn without having to stop even for a second. A thought struck me just then.

Source: Cars The movie

Cars are like our life. Their bodies are made of the same basic materials. Steel rubber plastic etc.
They come from different castes like Volkswagen, Maruti, honda…different sub castes as Alto, Zen, Swift… different parents as different manufacturing plants.

source: shuttershock

Cars meet fellow cars for a very short duration. They share some part of the eternal road together before parting ways.

In this, if someone is really in a hurry and going fast, like me they too judge. This reminds me a quote I had read by George Carlin –  “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

Like we have same soul but different bodies the drivers too tend to change cars. The more materialistic the driver, the more cars he changes. 🙂