Life will surprise u!!!

We have a small vessel full of water kept on our window sill for our feathered friends. It has a green layer on the bottom.  I don’t think anyone cleans it ever. I normally refill the water when I water my plants.

Recently I thought of cleaning it wondering if the water is fit for the bird’s consumption but i was afraid that birds would not come to drink if they found a new smell. I thought of taking my chances, at least i wouldn’t worry or wonder about it.

I cleant the  vessel, filled it with water and went away for some 2 hours. When i took note of it, guess what…

it was dirty again. The pigeon was happily cooling itself as if mocking me. Kya ukhad liya saaf karke? The birds had obviously not been averse to the clean vessel at all. 😦 they changed it to the way they liked it.

Birds!!! they could surprise you. Life could surprise you.

They say that life is what happens to you when u r busy making other plans. If u r scared of doing something…do it!

Clean your house

Have u cleaned your house lately? Not because u had to… or because u really should because of the mess or as a compulsion. Do u really enjoy the process? do u like ur house after u r done with it?

Here is what I did a few days back. My maid had not come. I was too bored to get up early too. Mom told me to sweep and then katka maro (I don’t know how to say it in eng) the house.

On getting up, I realised I was home alone. I looked around, and felt like cleaning. In my house, my mom gives me more sweets than my sister on diwali because I love cleaning and decorating. : ) I genuinely like doing it.

Anyway, I got my gear in place, covered my hair and nose and got myself a broom. I didn’t start with the floor. I started with the walls, and didn’t just stop there, I even cleaned under the tables… chair seat… dusted the sofa and mattress and behind the shoe stand…computer table…everywhere…even between the space of bed and wall. I swept it all away. Then I got my katka out and strong phenyl. I love the smell. I added a few drops of dettol for the extra push. I cleaned the floors and window sill. Tried to go in every corner where my maid doesn’t normally go.

When I was done, I took out the air freshner and sprayed it on the curtains and sofa cover. It really smelt, felt clean. I went for a long hot shower and when I stepped out, I felt great to come out to a clean, neat and fresh smelling house.

I felt clean.


I felt happy and just… nice

Clean your house today. Clean it because u have read what I experienced and want to do it. Atleast try it for my sake. Trust me, u will enjoy this.

Don’t do it when people are around, try doing it when no one is around. Put in some music if u like. Let me know of your experiences.