Acceptance can be fun

I am still learning but I have realized that acceptance leads to peace and not just peace, with time, as my faith and surrender in the divine increases (thanks to Heartfulness meditation), I see the acceptance can be fun. Once you accept the situation and realize that there are not many things that you could possibly do but He could, it is relieving to turn over the situation to Him and tell Him that you got me here and now you help me out. It is really fun to see how situation can work out once you detach yourself and patiently wait and watch. I hope you can do it and please pray that I too can do it in situations big and small.

A is the first letter of the alphabet and the start of many many good things. Acceptance is the first thing to be done in many situations.

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I finally understand!

I was thinking of the film “Don” “Gunday” “Ek Villian” “Godfather” “Maleficent” or for that matter “Once upon a time in Mumbai” and the other films which tell us about the other side. The side of the gangsters and how they got into it the business. It is always a sad story or a story that somehow and in some way makes you accept them.

Not just that, we actually sympathized for them when they lost their loved one or when they were being chased by the police or when they themselves died. What does this tell you? I realised that the minute you know someone’s story from their side, you do understand them, their reasoning and feel sympathy for them.The proverbial walking in their shoes surely works.

This helps me understand 2 things.

  1. Accept everyone for everything. Have trust, they truly must have a reason. (I personally need to work on this a lot. 😦 but now I understand and keep me in your prayers and I think I will.)
  2. and if there is communication amongst people, then probably relations would be better. More than that, if there is love, I guess everything is solved if there is love but Communication is what I think could help in understanding the other person.

I know a close someone is feeling hatred and a lot of negativity for the other family members. I feel sad. I feel worried. Sometimes I think that we really live in the best of times but when I think too deeply, I really feel scared for my future and of my coming generations.

Anyway, something to think over the weekend. I hope this helps you understand a little better.

PS- I am sure there are many books and films that must have the bad guy as the central character, these are the latest that came to my mind. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling 😀



Lets come together and write about compassion, said Ms Spence,
I took it up, told you I would and kept you in suspense.
I decided to write my personal thoughts on compassion
Hope they make you think and you make it into an action.
I try not to yell at my sister when she does something wrong
Or talk back to my aunt when she still scolds me for long
My dad forgets to close the tap sometimes,
I listen to my mom complain about it and all his other crimes

I don’t get bothered over the angry drivers,
the long checkout lines or rude neighbours
Or over the baby who cries in the flight,
I go try to pacify it so her mom knows that its alright

I try to help my husband when he gets late for work
and also tolerate his antics and all other quirks.
I share my smile with all and pray for the people on the road
I sometimes help friends take down their load.

Here is how I try to practice compassion, everywhere I go
I try to be patient with every sister and bro.
Care and tenderness is all it will take
Imagine what a beautiful world it will make.

It would be a lie to tell you that in anger I don’t shout
or crib or cry or even pout
I understand that these are parts of me that need healing
but I don’t let it get in the way of  compassionate, me being

It is not always easy, and a saint I am not
I have learnt from my mistakes and thankful to the teachers who have taught.
I try to remember the most important person of all
Yours truly needs a little compassion too, she is a human who is still learning after every fall.

Though love is what everything boils down in the end
Try it, its not difficult, my friend.
Don’t give up when times look bad again
We are all learning together, share your experience to help me strengthen

On the spirit of Valentine’s day…

I was on FB (that’s where I  get to know about everything going on in the world) and heard about 1000 speak for compassion.
It is a wonderful project. The aim is to flood the internet with thoughts of compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement, care for the environment etc. It happens to be UN day of social justice and yours truly is going to be a part of it.


I am going to write on compassion. I am not going to find the dictionary and tell you the difference between love and compassion or kindness. Honestly, even if I did, it wouldn’t make you be one. It would rather make sense to share what the word means to me and I am going to try to see what needs to be changed in my life to be more compassionate.

On the spirit of valentines day, lets celebrate love as it is supposed to be (I can be an idealist, sometimes). Think about what it means to you and what you need to change to be more compassionate. Fel free to share with me. I need to listen to as much gyaan as I give out.

Watch out for the post coming on 20th Feb.

If you are a blogger and have something to share, the link and guidelines are available below.

Details about the project

Facebook page

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