Fake disease names

i found this on online (yahoo answers)

someone has asked to name some fake diseases, and following are the replies

– Sorry, but due to my Sasafrassic Cancer.. I can’t come out to play to day!

– Opticalrectalitis – It’s where you don’t seeyourass doing something. Like calling into work with it. (sorry I have opticalrectolitis………I don’t see myass coming to work today)

– Ever since that guy got Buttmunchism, he has been unable to be nice.

– the only one I can think of is the one that my children are currently suffering from- Schoolitis. they are sick and miserable only on school days

– Haha! I have one for my cat. When she gets fleas in the summer time I call it her fleabitus. I get a lot of laughs from it.