How to get rid of your cough?

Statutory warning – Please read the following post at your own risk. This was effective for me but there is no confirmation that the medicines didn’t help slowly. This is just a post. only the last line is what i truly want to convey.


I have had cough for about a month, I went to the doctor 2 times and he gave me 4 different tablets to be taken 3 times a day. 😦  I did that. Cough didn’t go. I didn’t eat curd or icecream or other similar things that docs ask to be away from. Cough didn’t go 😦

I have had paratha thrice and it is very painful to eat one without curd. The other day (2 days after the second visit to the doc) I had methi aalo and it is something I can’t eat without curd. I threw caution to the wind and ate curd. One day after that I had ice cream at night and realized that my cough is gone.

So, what is the best way to get rid of your cough? Forget it ever happened! 🙂

Same goes for a lot of issues in life too. Forget it ever happened and Keep Smiling Always 😀

Statutory warning – This post by no means implies that you shouldn’t go to a doc, The views expressed here are personal and mostly in fun. Please don’t neglect your health.


Be a waiter – part 2

Oh Life, You are very mischievous.  You are really present on the days when I need you most. Thank YOU.

I am slightly bugged since yesterday because the diwali sale is not going as per planned and I am going to north india (can’t help) till 2nd nov. So first week of sale will be without me if it happens. House is getting renovated and everything is a mess. I get up sneezing and I go to sleep with a headache because of the powder.  In between all this, I got a mail from Mr. Narayanswamy



I was amazed to get it. I have sent 2 such mails previously. One to Mc D and one to pantaloons. I never got a reply back. Hence i decided to post it on my blog this time. and guess what. I get this mail. The happiness lasted for sometime and I got busy with my work… now out of nowhere I got a call from Mr. Narayanaswamy saying that he is so happy. Everyone writes about him or the food, no one appreciates the waiters and when he read and explained the mail to them, they were very happy. He asked me where I was sitting and what did the waiter look like. Thankfully I remembered the details. He has asked me to come again. I told him that it might take 5-6 yrs as I am not really frequent in that part of town and he said ok and a Thank you filled with loads and loads of love. 😀

Go make someone’s day… You will end up making yours instead.

Please smile… always

Be a waiter

Some thoughts are like brats. they don’t leave you unless you write them down. This post is result of one such thought. Most of you maybe knowing, I have a desire to be an author of a book, What I will write and who will read, only god knows but I know I will fulfill it one day soon. Anyway, Coming to this post, I wish people who read it and feel good about this would tell me so.. pls. the thing is that it would give me some reassurance that this bratty thought was useful. I don’t know where these thoughts come from, but this thought isn’t leaving me, and I need to know if it was of some use or not?

Be a waiter!

The inspiration behind this post is the waiter who served me at mani’s. I had a wonderful opportunity recently to explore central matunga and we had to go to manis. We had had little bit of lunch and were not exactly hungry. We ordered a plate of idli. The waiter got it for us smilingly. As we were mid way, we ordered a plate of medu wada. We were just about to finish our third or fourth bite of idli when he got us the medu wada, smilingly of Course. As our heart had still not been satiated, we ordered a dosa, by this time, if i was in the waiter’s shoe, I would have been slightly miffed. Thankfully, I wasn’t. He got us the dosa. As we ate to our heart’s content and decided to go for coffee, I was amazed at the quick delivery. Once he got us the coffee, i asked him to cool it down for us. He immediately did so while I told my friend how much I enjoyed they way they did it with so much perfection and how it reminds me of my trips to chennai. The pic on the right was clicked near annamalai, chidambaram, TN in 2010. Anyway, We left Mani’s smiling but the thought hasn’t left me.

Here is what the waiter taught me

  • Be patient. – We weren’t purposely trying to harass him. I guess he understood that. He was patient and calm and smiling the whole time.
  • Be detached. – The coffee was too strong to my liking. After my first taste, as the waiter came to see if we needed something, i told him that the coffee was very strong. He promptly got me milk. I can think of no other restaurant who could do so or have done so for me. When i thought about it, i realized that the waiter was completely detached. Not his milk, not his brand, There was no reason to be nice, just his service. Yet, he got it done. WOW

So, here is to Mani’s 😀 May you keep delighting  and enlightening your customer’s always.


Shocked and Confused

I am coming to believe that there are 2 kinds of people. One who are critics and one who are so glad that they did something that they love what they did.  There is some sense of accomplishment in making your own food I guess which leaves you in  shock and confusion when others don’t like it.

Last week, I was so pleased with the dal I made. My mom tasted it and kept the cooker back on gas. I was shocked. It was the most amazing dal I had ever tasted. What happened here?

Today, when the turn of daal came again, mom made it in the morning itself.


Raw or Ripe?

The season of mangoes is upon us again. Sigh!

There was a time when if I said “I don’t like mangoes much” People would either faint or call the exorcist or both 😛

Now, things have changed. I hear a lot of people tell me that they don’t like it either and there are no “haws” or gasps at all.

Anyway, coming to the point,

Have you wondered why raw mango is so Sour whereas the same mango if ripe becomes unexceptionably sweet. People are so crazy behind the ripe mango, Everything starts and finishes with mangoes for them.

Infact some even claim that Eve had taken a bite of the mango and not the apple. Apple ke liye kya law todna.. but mango o o o o

My imagination says that the raw mango is also sweet till the time it is attached to the tree but when we pluck it before it is ripe, it gets angry and full of hate…hence turns sour. If one would wait, give it the time it needed… It would be something close to bliss 🙂


The truth about Paneer

I bet u r wondering what is it that must have caught my interest in paneer. Paneer is so everywhere. What could I possibly find worth writing about?

Here it is.

Paneer is one of the examples of positivity. It is a scam that we like paneer… Paneer has no taste. It is completely bland. The masala along with paneer makes us want to taste the bland paneer. No one really likes paneer, Do we? There is nothing better to eat in indian cuisine in hotels. We don’t eat it because we like it, Who would like to eat bland rubber? We like the spices. Indian veg dishes are so limited. That is how and only how Paneer is still made and sold.

How did it start? It is because of someone being a very positive person and trying to make the best of it that we eat paneer.

Oh yes.

The first person to eat paneer was a guy. The wife must have spoilt the milk by mistake. The guy wanted to please his wife and make sure she didn’t feel bad about spoiling the milk, also he must have wanted to make the best out of waste.

That my friends is why and only why we still eat paneer.