Acceptance can be fun

I am still learning but I have realized that acceptance leads to peace and not just peace, with time, as my faith and surrender in the divine increases (thanks to Heartfulness meditation), I see the acceptance can be fun. Once you accept the situation and realize that there are not many things that you could possibly do but He could, it is relieving to turn over the situation to Him and tell Him that you got me here and now you help me out. It is really fun to see how situation can work out once you detach yourself and patiently wait and watch. I hope you can do it and please pray that I too can do it in situations big and small.

A is the first letter of the alphabet and the start of many many good things. Acceptance is the first thing to be done in many situations.

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Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga

Ho o o o oh oh

Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga
Jaise khilgaya gulaab
Jaise ujli kiran aur barish
Jaise van mein hiran
Jaise sardi ki dhoop
Jaise balkhaaye bel
Jaise lehron ka khel
Jaise chad gaya nashaaaa oh
Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

Ho Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga
Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga
ab chayega dhamaal
ab mere bachchon pe dungi poori jaan
ab honge graphology ke assignments poore
ab chalu hoga XLRI mba
Jaise khushboo liye aaye thandi hava
Ho Exam ka last paper likhke submit kiya to aisa laga

Memory is interesting

Memory is such an amazing thing. It varies with different people. Some have an amazing memory. I know a few people who can remember what color dress I was wearing at what occasion. There are a few who forget if they have had dinner.  😛  Seriously!

On my first day of BMS, we had a lecture on improving presentation skills. He also said something about memory. I don’t remember the name of the person, but he said that “You never forget things that you really really want to do, atleast 95% of the times” It comes as a slight shock but if you are honest with yourself you will realise that it is true.  🙂 Freud too says that there is no such thing as a slip of tongue. This is for a different post.

Anyway, I think my memory is pretty sharp. I remember some instances from childhood as well. Ok coming to the point where I was saying that memory is interesting. I downloaded a season of MAD ABOUT YOU to watch. I was so glad that I couldn’t remember most of the stuff. I had forgotten how funny it used to be. I laughed myself silly to tears and enjoyed every moment of having a selective bad memory. Life is a roller coaster…you gotta ride it 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey, for those who are feeling lonely this valentine’s day, wish u a happy valentine’s day. If u don’t have anyone else to love, don’t worry. Love yourself. A few friends of mine did that today, they planned on going to Water kingdom, it is a different story that they couldn’t go but they had a plan which was better than sitting and moping.

What is there to cry about anyway? Have u  ever loved yourself? Go do it today. Go, Get ready just for yourself, even if it feels silly, do it. U will enjoy. Take every experience that life gives u. u might not get it again ever. : )

If you don’t love yourself, why would anyone else want to love u?

Have fun.

Comparing size of plate and heart.

I had an opportunity for buffet dinner at JW Marriott some years ago, I took 3 rounds for the desert section and must have tried everything possible. The plate was small and my so was my level of embarrassment.

Recently I ate at rajdhani, oh god! I couldn’t finish the first helping as well. The size of thali was easily thrice the size of plate at jw. Anyway, the food was awesome at both places but this got me thinking about the culture difference. I am proud of the fact that Indian’s believe in atitihi devo bhava. Ekdum dil se.

morning walk

My mom and I went for a morning walk.
I used to go with a friend of mine, who would come for it just coz he knew I wouldn’t go alone and this was a nice way to catch up as we both are terribly busy through the week. He has his college and I got my work, even our free times slots don’t overlap.
Luckily, I found someone who, again came to morning walk with me because of a bet (sortof). He doesn’t get up on weekends, even if someone threw a bomb at his place, his words exactly… Glad we came to this negotiation. He is out of town this Sunday, so I was generally talking to my mom about this and she said that she would like to come. She walks slower than I do, and I get tired walking slowly, so I asked if I should invite my old friend, and she indignantly refused. Like most of u know, I go for morning walks at 730-8. My mom normally wakes up by 7 on Sundays, she decided to sleep in this Sunday and luckily I had my alarm for 8. I woke her up and we were off by 830.

I normally go to this beautiful, big and clean park 15-20 mins away from my house. My mom said that going there was a walk in itself, so we went to this small and not so clean park 4-5 mins away from my house.
My mom is in a very talkative mood in the mornings, for those of who have met my mom, know that she anyway talks a lot, but she is extra talkative in the mornings. Trust me, its possible. She told me about her school being away from her house and the amount of walking she would have to do in her youth over and over.
After so much talking, she got tired quickly and started cheating. Well, the park has these small islands of greenery in the path, something like detours… probably to break the monotony, (30 extra steps max) she pretended to forget and I …well… scolded her and told her that I am paying close attention now.

We aimed to complete atleast 10 rounds of the park. After the 7th round, my mom started cribbing and wanted to go home. I tried to divert her attention and decided to walk on the grass. She agreed and I was glad that my strategy worked : ) We removed our shoes and one part of me wanted to hold them in my hands, but mom was with my other part and we left them on the side. Throughout the walk, both of us didn’t concentrate and were worried about our shoes. LOL. The grass was wet and squishy. Mom loved it and she did 3 rounds (Equivalent to 1.5, but I let it be).