The survivor

The money plant (Creepers or bel) is such a fantastic plant to plant in the house. It is extremely flexible and grows in whichever situation possible. It is a no fuss plant. U water it once a day and it is good. In case u forget to water it for 2 days in a row… it will still survive. What I love best about this plant is the shiny green colour of the leaves. I wash the leaves about once a week and I love it when the 3’o clock sun reaches it. It looks lovely. I think I have a pic in my gardening folder in picasa. I planted one at the main entrance of the door and have used a thread and tied it to the top of the door. I can’t wait for it to grow. 🙂

Put it in the sun or put it indoor’s…it still survives

Put it in water or put it in soil … it still survives

It is truly a very noble plant. For those who have been asking me about gardening but crib that they don’t have the time to take extra care, get a money plant… it is a no demand and no complaints sort of a plant. One could learn from it and be liked by all. : )

Gardening – Part 2

Here are some snaps from my window…

Lots more on my Picasa Album

here is the link


I love gardening. I absolutely enjoy it. I don’t know how I didn’t do it earlier, probably my parent’s weren’t comfortable or they simply assumed how I would get bored of it.

Now, from the past 2 months I have been very regular with the watering (not just 2, but 3 times), fertilizing, and cleaning the leaves. My excitement about the plants has caught them too. When my shoe flower plant was infested with ants, my dad got me roses without me telling him anything. I was surprised. Now I have white and pink sadaphuli, small red roses, white – pink rose, wild red flowers, tulsi, aloe and one yellow flower plant that I got today after some heavy bargaining. I am so enjoying the whole thing. Try it out, u might like it too. I am going crazy over the rose’s daily growth. I daily click snaps of it, which I will upload soon.

Any tips? Any experiences to share?