Goldfish astound me with their human behaviour.

We have had the fishes for a few days now and they are already teaching me things. I didn’t realise how human they can be.

My husband got the fishes from Petco. He told me that they weren’t very keen on leaving their home and come to ours. They created quite a challenge for the employee to catch them. I found that slightly saddening to know but he told me this after I had fallen for the beauties. Here is the funny thing, I feed them daily and I find it heartbreaking to know that they are scared of me (Petco reassures me that it is normal for them to be slightly cautious at first). They go into hiding as they see my hand near the fish tank. They don’t run away when they see my face near them but they surely go into hiding when they see my hand. When I was sitting and watching them finish off the food, I realised that they were probably scared that I would change their residence again or …. Something of this sort. I can only guess. Isn’t it astounding. I think they are comfortable now and don’t want to change houses again.