Who says that the past is not important?

I know that people tell us to look towards the future and live for today and …¬†oh so many things. The past is looked upon as a really bad bad thing.

Everyone says that may 2014 be answer to your dreams. What does it actually mean? Didn’t the same people wish the same wish in 2013, How did 2013 become so bad suddenly? When I opened FB on 1st jan, I felt 2013 was looked upon as a reason for failure and everyone hoped 2014 would do wonders. Though I don’t want to admonish this childlike spirit but why not leave some love for the past year?

The past is just as important as the present and the future. Why and how is it not? When you are sad, doesn’t some past memory come beside you to lift you a little and if you realize its important, you see that there are so many achievements in the past that each issue that you came across was faced in some way and that till now, all things have been well. There has been a reason for everything, every word and every feeling. Every so called disaster and every so called reason for your tears.

Please don’t let go of the past completely. I know this is opposed to the wisdom you get, but think about it. The past has made you who you are. People from your past must have gone, but their memory remains. They remain with you. They remain in their teachings and in your memory. The memories do comfort you and warm you when you need it. So, embrace everything from your past. Embrace the things that you thought are bad, smile as you realize that they ended up for the best and do Keep smiling.

On this note, I do wish you a very happy new year. I hope that the lives continue to fill with love, smiles and His grace.

new yr