We were generally talking about life and control on life. There is a celebration happening soon. When an uncle asked my mom to come for it, My Mom said “Agar Uparwala chahega, I will reach” (If the one staying above us is willing, I will come)

The uncle looked surprised and replied with a smile “Chaturvediji kuch nai bolenge, aap aaiye na”(Mr. Chaturvedi will not have an objection, Please come)

We all had a good laugh.


This got me thinking.

I was recently with my ngo kids. I shared this incident with them. We were laughing, At this time, one of the kids said “Didi, Humare toh upar bhi koi nai rehta” All other kids burst out laughing…except the kid who said it.

He missed the real joke I guess. or did he?

Isn’t it true, the reason they stay where they stay is because “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needbut not every man’s greed.” We are all on planet earth to learn whatever we are here to learn and get the H@!! out. Each one is struggling with something or the other or we wouldn’t be here. Right?

The ones without uparwala struggle lot more than we do na? Lets hope we can help the ones who are without uparwala. Pls

Switch words.

I have recently learnt about Switchwords. My friend recently fell off a bicycle and she explained how she treated herself by saying “Together divine love”. She said it so fast that I didn’t understand anything.

Panditji… err .. i mean She explained how I had to just say “Together divine switchword” and put the law of attraction to work. I looked it up online and here is what I found. If you understand the law of attraction, this concept is easier to understand. Switchwords create a bridge between what we need and desire, and the Inner Being that can help us achieve our goals.

To know more, please visit the following sites.


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Help adopting a bichon Frise

Searching for a dog is not as easy as I thought. I have posted ads, spoken to a few friends who have dogs but have reached no where so far. The problem is that I want to adopt one as mom and dad wld throw me out if I even think of buying. I broached the topic as gently as possible yesterday with my dad. His reply was clear. No buying, only adopting.

He replied – khareedna hi hai toh bakri khareedte hai

: (

Help in finding my bichon pls.