I am happy

I am happy

Things in life are good.

My internet connection is slow from a couple of days and there is just one more thing in life that is slightly bothering me…besides this, life is super great and I am lovin it

Most of u know your life’s calling. I have come close to an experience where I can say that this thing gives me good, pure joy and it feels ultra great. As most of you know that I have recently finished my graphology course and have become a certified graphologist. I am super happy about this. I have started helping out my friends in HR and recruitment and am in process of helping a friend find a compatible partner for marriage. Recently I analyzed my school friend’s handwriting. The experience was amazing. Not just for him but also for me. When I saw a smile of relief on his face after he learnt something about him, I felt that this was it. This was so it. This is what I want to do. I analyzed his handwriting on Saturday, and today we met again. The changes in him are actually noticeable. His level of confidence in himself has gone up. He called up our common friend to tell how amazing it was for him. I couldn’t believe that he would do something like that. It showed how good he felt. It feels so good to see someone lose their weight and fly free. It is going to keep me happy throughout a month I think. : )

So, Life’s good!

Taj Mahal

All of u know what Taj mahal is…

  • It is a mausoleum in Agra
  • It was built by Shah jahan for his beloved Mumtaz
  • It is considered the finest example of Mughal architecture
  • It is made of marble
  • Building began around 1632 and was completed around 1653,
  • It employed about 20 thousand artisans and craftsmen

What is the big deal though? I haven’t seen it yet, I know it looks amazing, but then again, there are so many sculptures that look pretty too. So here is my take, It is more to do with the story than anything else. My dad agreed. It is the thought, the love behind the structure, the feelings behind the structure than the structure itself.

It is said that Shah jahan locked himself in a room for 2 years after the death of Mumtaz and didn’t apply ittar.

It is the symbol; it is the kind of love what any woman could dream for. God knows how practical that is; anyway who said love was practical in the first place. Love flies out the window when practicality comes in. This symbol gives hope!!! A very strong word hope is. A lot of wounded souls feel better knowing of its existence. I guess I am one of them.

I was watching Nat Geo yesterday night with my dad, they showed how the Taj Mahal was built. My dad asked me generally, you have still not seen it na?

I said no, totally engrossed in looking at the garden and what it symbolised.

Adding , I said “on second thoughts, I have not seen Goa too” hoping he would get a hint that it is time for a family picnic.

He looked exasperated; he said kya compare kar rahi hai…kidhar taj kidhar goa.

I realised he was one of them too. Love and hope are not immune to age.