I need my immunization !!!

I recently got a whatsapp video saying that if your child doesn’t eat dirt and lives in a sterile and immunized environment (they meant USA) then the chances of he or she developing asthma are more and also that their immunity levels are very very low.

This has really got me thinking. I will complete my 6 months in USA now, I have not had pani puri and it is the best form of … immune building food I know and I just realized how much I miss it. I had it in India but I miss it here…terribly 😦

Realization by sipping tea

This is not the most profound realization I have had but I feel compelled to write something. Now a days, everything I write is with the aim to publish it somewhere. Though writing is still fun and I still choose to write what I want, I miss writing to you, here.

So here is something I realized sitting at this beautiful park next to my house. It is a cloudy day in spring and the weather is like it is in Mahabaleshwar.wpid-20150512_090114.jpg

As I sit here, sipping tea and enjoying the peace after finishing all my chores for the day and sending my hubby away to work, my thoughts drift to the rare times I drink tea.

I remember making tea for an American sister of ours. How I had not added sugar as she doesn’t take sugar with tea. In most households in India, we make tea by heating everything together – water, milk, sugar and ginger and lemon grass depending on individual taste. From what I personally know of US and UK, there is no one pot of tea, there is black tea water separate, milk separate, sugar separate and …. this gives me two realizations.

1 There is respect and consideration to each individual more in US than in India which makes me feel safe and comfortable here.

2 Also, I find tolerance and the ability to adjust is more in India than in US. (This is my personal opinion from my personal experience) Just sharing!

Why am I glad that the IPL is over

My brother in law asked me whom I would support in a Mumbai vs kolkata match and I automatically said mumbai. After the phone call, I wondered why I said mumbai. Honestly, I don’t even know who is the mumbai team now. And it is so frivolous to like a team or not like one just because of our birth in that particular place, country, religion or ideas or so many other things. It feels like liking just one and only one part of the body.

I used to like Sachin and Rahul Dravid a little in my college days and now, last I heard, sachin retired. And it isn’t that I know the run rates, the records or whatever, it is just that my dad liked sachin and maybe that’s why I liked him too.

So, about IPL, I think it is a perfect example of what is wrong with the world today.
It symbolizes our reduced span of attention, superfluous waste of money, useless and misplaced use of energy and passion in youth and the absolutely useless, unnecessary excitement in the form of cheer leaders and the unnecessary fireworks and oh so many things KKR has golden leg pads… gosh and punjab has silver. How silly

My cousin told me that he hasn’t seen surya udayam in a long time. I asked him why, appraisal toh khatam ho gaye.. he said I am mad. It is becauae of Ipl. I had no clue it was on. Grrr.

So, what will I not miss about the IPL

1 The weird pronunciation of foreign commentators.
2 Girls screaming when they realize they are on tv.
3 Amusing dances when boys realize they are on tv.
4 Unnecessary and almost fake noise and excitement.
5 A better health

I welcome back peace and early bed sleep in my life.


PS – It doesn’t end with the match, there is an award ceremony that needs to be seen to 😦

Pity myself

I know that I am not the richest or the most talented in the world, but I do have a very good life.There is no reason to pity myself or feel sad about my life. God has been very kind to me. But there is one thing that surely makes me pity myself.. It is when I watch discovery channel and watch incredible India. I wish I could travel more than I do 😦

Traveling truly enriches ones life. The best form of traveling I believe is walking. Though it is a super fantastic wish, I obviously can’t walk on earth even if I started walking today…Though I try to walk as much as I can in a new place. Next best is a road trip. Actually flying isn’t bad either, it would be better if the plane was transparent, the person sitting on the aisle seat wouldn’t be miserable or with a pain in her neck 😉

Comparing size of plate and heart.

I had an opportunity for buffet dinner at JW Marriott some years ago, I took 3 rounds for the desert section and must have tried everything possible. The plate was small and my so was my level of embarrassment.

Recently I ate at rajdhani, oh god! I couldn’t finish the first helping as well. The size of thali was easily thrice the size of plate at jw. Anyway, the food was awesome at both places but this got me thinking about the culture difference. I am proud of the fact that Indian’s believe in atitihi devo bhava. Ekdum dil se.