Kanda Bhaji

How many of you lovely people like kanda bhaji? Ummmmm Or pyaazi or kanda pakoda or onion fritters as it is deliciously called in different languages. I was eating it yesterday and questioning myself of the poor but tasty health choice I had made.

source: cravecookclick.com

What is it that I like in it? It is actually raw onion along with some spices dipped in a besan mixture. I didn’t like raw onions before marriage. My mom had lovingly told me that a lot of  changes happen after marriage but I never expected this.

Though my mouth is watering just thinking about it, I wonder why we like it? Is it the succulent onion or the khati meethi chatni that comes along?

FUN fact : Did you know that kanda bhaji is also called kekda bhaji? It is because onions take whatever shape they want during the mixture and it mostly resemble like a Kekda (crab)

The mumbai weather today is just perfect for it. 😀